American Chick – The worst potential romantic partner in the world.

Baba Apartment – A room rented out by a little old lady in Eastern Europe.

BBDBusiness / Banker Douchebag.

Chalga – The uniquely awful pop music native to Bulgaria. Prevalent throughout the Balkans, it’s typically known as “Turbo Folk” in all other Balkan countries besides Bulgaria.

Chalga Sluts – Hot dumb slutty girls in the Balkan region that listen to their awful brand of pop music and visit Chalga clubs.

DAFFDrunken Asshole Football Fan.

Deutschbag – A German douchebag.

DUFFDesignated Ugly Fat Friend.

Dudestroyer – The chick that is able to absolutely ruin the coolest of single dude out there and turn him into a frail emotional shell of his former self.

DWTGDumb Western Tourist Guy.

Eurotard – A delusional and arrogant person from Western Europe who thinks that they can change the world for the better by lobbying the European Union to change their green building standards and other retarded stifling regulations.

Going Rebecca Watson – the process by which an already unattractive woman becomes more unattractive by overtly complaining about whatever attention comes her way.

Gold Diggerism – Any given woman, country or culture’s propensity toward gold digging behavior.

Grandpa Boner – an old, often fat and bald man 60+ years of age found in the company of a late teens to early twenties girl most often found in southeast Asia.

Gringo Hunter – A woman from Central or South America who is on the prowl for an American or European boyfriend.

Mafia Douchebags – Fat, balding men with little to no neck, a shaved ape like appearance and minimal intelligence level currently infesting most of Eastern Europe.

Round Eye Hunter – An Asian woman that’s on the prowl for an American or European boyfriend.

The Office – The local coffee shop full of hot chicks for any given destination.

Turbo Folk – See “Chalga“.

Uncle Boner – the same as Grandpa Boner but younger.