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Guest Post: Ko Samui Thailand Location Review

Today we bring you a guest post from Skins over at SingleMansParadise.com. We think it’s a great article that is spot on about Ko Samui and we haven’t covered this location yet. You may also be interested in our other posts Rilay Beach, Phuket, the Song Kran festival, Thailand in general and how to spot a ladyboy. Also of note is Read More


Guest Post: Enablers

Enablers are people that allow you to continue your losing ways; babying you and bailing you out. Enablers allow you to continue making the same mistakes and never having the guts to tell you... Read More


Guest Post: Street “Harassment”

While the politics around the pronoun “he” have not often spilled over into violence or lead to the sort of grinding inability to compromise that can cripple a nation, the issue does make for... Read More