An article we posted entitled Guest Post: i dun unerstan u lah!: An exposé of Singapore and Singaporean retardation generated an absolute shit storm of comments on other sites. Some of them are so hilarious we decided we should archive them and immortalize them here.

From TR Emeritas:

Singaporean Talent:
March 28, 2013 at 4:10 pm
This author is racist here and this is the kind of foreign talent that PAP government imports massively to benefit their own and then intend to hire-their-own-kind or foreigners without giving back to the Hotel Singapore here.
His company may be doing low level and unskilled company and therefore, he relies on foreigners or foreign talents here.
Singapore needs high quality, highly skilled, qualified company and not this kind of company like he offers since he is into recruiting S-Pass foreign talents.
Singaporean are not xenophobia but the foreigners are racist coming to our country discriminating us by writing article as above with such mindset.
The PAP government has failed us again and again in the “Growth at all cost” liberal and lax immigration and man power policies here in recruiting uncivilized, uncultured, racist foreign talent to Singapore to discriminate and marginalize Singaporean.
We don’t need such foreign racist people in Singapore. What happen to LKY boosting here on highly qualified import ? Self serving and encriching statement.
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John John:
March 28, 2013 at 4:27 pm
Actually, yes, have to agree with this dude that he got most things right. esp, taxi drivers having no idea of where to go; ALL of them cant seem to hold a streetdirectory the right way up; and many find GPS very ‘confusing’.
But he brought up a good point of govt giving the foreigners a big advantage, i.e the ponzi scheme of cpf.
All must be subjected to the same CPF rules, if SPoreans have to pay 16%, then the foreigners also must.
Like the example of my daughter, who at 16, took up a holiday job selling cosmetics in a mall; she worked hard and was dedicated, even for the miserable amount that she was paid; BUT when she saw the amount that was taken away as CPF, all motivation to work went out the window.
SO level the playing field; subject the foreigners to the same rules for CPF contribution and also withdrawals.
Even ministers have ackowledged that Malaysians have very little integration problems compared to others. WHY? Cos, unlike other foreigners, Malaysian are also subjected to the same CPF ruling as Sporeans, like they can only withdraw the amount upon reaching 55.
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We need Changes:
March 28, 2013 at 4:31 pm
Can we trust a European words? They are now begging all over the world looking for food & money after their so-called talented European had screwed the union upside down.
If France, Cyprus etc need to go burst, just F*ck it and do it. Instead of delaying this shits and pull the world die together with those useless European countries.
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March 28, 2013 at 4:32 pm
I am a typical local retard and daft Sinkie,agree with you on many issues mentioned but not all.Have to say you too are another retard for thinking that being a Sinkie is so easy especially wanting to be a Towkay here.
Nothing unusual for job applicants failing to turn up as promised and this is the norm here. Many,after being hired will even boss you around instead of you telling them what to do.
Kanasai is a word that I can describe you but dun be annoyed as this is not an insulting word.It means like shit only.
Singlish is also a language that you must acknowledge because this is Sinkie land.
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Emeritus Singaporean:
March 28, 2013 at 4:36 pm
The pseudo-foreign investors courted by the PAP Government are nothing more than blood-suckers.
Those investors that came to Singapore in the 1960s through the 1970s created jobs for Singaporeans, trained the interns, sent them overseas to the parent companies for advanced training, and created a culture of creativity, enterprise and most of all, pride in oneself.
Do we need to accomodate these pseudo-foreign investors that only “take” but do not even “contribute” anything in return to Singapore society ?
These pseudo-investors are courted by the useless PAP Government, as it will mollycoddle these pseudo-investors for their investment money that is parked in the banking system, which contribute to the GDP performance – and benefits the PAP leadership in their annual bonus that adds on to the obscene Millions paid as their annual wages.
It is time that the brakes are pulled on these useless blood sucking investors that take and contribute nothing in return to Singapore society.
Singaporeans DO NOT NEED SUCH PSEUDO-INVESTORS courted by the PAP, when Singaporeans find out that the PAP is no longer needed by the time GE-2016 is called.
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March 28, 2013 at 4:49 pm
You must be a beggar if it is so bad here you better pack up and FUCK OFF why still stick around. By the way i dare say you are just an ARSE-HOLE. Don’t think too highly of yourself you are one of those who can’t make it in your own country and come begging here in Singapore.
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March 28, 2013 at 5:00 pm
Hello Friend, we never claim to be a First World,we were HAPPY to be in a World of our OWN until a SHIT by the name of Lee Con You who indeed CON you into believing this is a First World.
BUT for a third world we are not doing that bad in our HEARTLANDs at the HDB ESTATEs.
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March 28, 2013 at 5:12 pm
The person who criticized Singaporean claims that he is a `European businessman’. First of all, this so call European should look back at his own Europe before criticizing others.
I believe that many Asians still think the all European are rich & high mighty not knowing that beggars all seen everywhere in Europe. There are many people on the street wearing neatly asking for cigarette.
Singaporean will only welcome foreign businessman who can contribute but not the type of cheapskate businessman coming here to look for a living.
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dumb and dumber:
March 28, 2013 at 5:24 pm
Thank you european for writing because this is plain and clear evidence that foreigners are NOT here to help us as claimed by PAP. the black and white affirmed that foreigners have a strong bias against SINGAPOREANS IN SINGAPORE and we are badly discriminated in job opportunities and a copy of this letter should be sent to MOM for comment. what is the fair play they are talking about? so europorean, do u hv more friends, ask them to write in too.
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March 28, 2013 at 5:33 pm (Quote)
you are welcomed to f**k off
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White Mosquitoes and Parasites:
March 28, 2013 at 5:41 pm
1) Toilet training signs for adults all over the city
– this is needed for the 3rd world trash that PaPigs imported by the plane/truck load. If there’s no sign, these trash Ah Nehs, Pinoys, Ah Tiongs will dirty our toilets.
2) SMRT employ people in the metro stations to tell FTs where to move. Again, these 3rd world trash is tarnishing this island.
3) Poor English skills is again due to many foreign trash being imported by PaPigs. We have many Pinoys who speaks pinoy english that they can only understand. Ah Tiongs that can demand you to speak mandarin to them. Other 3rd world country folks speaks their native “english”.
4) Inability to manage supply of taxis is thanks to our incompetent world highest paid PaPigs incapability to manage this small island.
5) The productivity has taken a nose dive all thanks to PaPigs pro-FT/PR policies. What do you expect when 3rd world trash have taken up most jobs and lead to poor quality and severely reduced productivity over the years?
Not sure who’s the author but if the read the above replies, the root cause of the problem is PaPigs. All those items mentioned are created by the overly paid and totally incompetent PaPigs.
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March 28, 2013 at 6:13 pm
Got problem with singlish then fk off la. CCB, your english so power knn. You hire foreigners here from india, china and phillipines. Their english even more chui. Talk to them like playing da vinci code. For the older singapore generations, singlish is a means of bonding and is rooted in our history and culture. You don’t like then fk off. You white people have far more ridiculous culture. Being a virgin at the age of 18 is a taboo for people there…pui. Want to comment about our culture. The younger singapore generations are well capable of proper english, probably even better than yours.
Not our problem the government con you into thinking that singapore is first world. It’s a lie so they can attract more idiotic foreigners like you so they can 1) have fatter pockets, 2) stay in power perpetually…
We were perfectly fine with the slow and steady life in the 90s, until our greedy Papigs decided to change things. Who needs people like you anyway…You set up business here with your mindset already to hire foreigners. Might as well set up overseas…waste our time come here. Furthermore 7 singaporeans you invite…you suey lo, that they give you sh1t.
Fk off back to europe with your perfect english we don’t need you.
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Andres Bonifacio to White Mosquitoes and Parasite:
March 28, 2013 at 6:37 pm
White Mosquitoes and Parasites:
HA HA HA You are really retarded with your reasoning.
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March 28, 2013 at 6:41 pm
To be honest I do agree with the examples he gave for those applying for jobs, please at least use proper english it is a total disgrace. By the way don’t keep blaming everything on the government or foreigners.
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March 28, 2013 at 6:44 pm
my sympathy to a sore loser who is moving on after so many donkey years of enriching his innards only to realised that my countrymen r retards! by saying so u r only putting up an excuse n consoling urself to the fact that ur pre-historic business models r outdated.
1) cant compete with those of newer FTs who have better ideas than urs. 2) cant compete with younger men at clarke quay.
3) with increased competitions ur business not as profitable.
4) cant take the heat, lose out to a bangla hunk n u will b leaving s’pore without ur partner
u had ur fill so b content.just go quietly. go to virgin territories n continue ur exploitations. make sure u dont end up in CDC of your next target
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March 28, 2013 at 6:52 pm
Sad to say I have to agree with 90% of the comments by the author. I work in an industry full of the types of people he had mentioned and in my industry there are no FTs, only 100% Sinkies.
There are instances where we cannot get a simple thing like a light bulb changed without going through paperwork the size of Mt Everest. Things do not get moving until the email goes to their boss when a simple telephone call.
People in my industry work 7hrs a day and complain about heavy workload, not enough manpower and too many things to do but sit around half the time playing games on their mobile phones.
Sometimes I feel we need to knock society in its face so that we can all wake up and see that no one owes us a living. You can’t expect to earn $3k a month by sitting around playing mobile phone games.
I may sound like a PAP fanboy but I’m not. I’m a realist who see the glaring flaws of youths mindset. The world does not revolve around you and without you the world functions just as well.
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He Is From Cyprus:
March 28, 2013 at 7:32 pm
He is from the bankrupt island. Forgive him as the impact of banking collapse is too much for him to bear.
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March 28, 2013 at 7:55 pm
ONE of a kind after sucking our blood and living of our nation he is talking COCK real ungrateful ARSE-HOLE.He is just a beggar after begging us for food to fill his hunger he is now bitting us.Please go and beg somewhere if you still remain in Singapore after next week you are just what i called a ARSE-HOLE BEGGAR.FUCK OFF and go beg somewhere you are just not welcome SICK PIG.
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March 28, 2013 at 8:17 pm (Quote)
seriously, if such a person can write something like this for such a short time in singapore, then i think he would not be able to differentiate a singaporean from foreigner… just ignore the article…
god bless
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If So Bad, Why So Many Foreigners Come:
March 28, 2013 at 8:27 pm (Quote)
Why we got everything going on well when most countries in the world are collapsing? And this writer complaining about everything not going on well. If things are so bad here, why so many MNCs and foreigners want to come here. Yes, in life, in many countries, not all things are perfect. At least before we flood the island with foreigners like the writer, our lives were even better. Now with fallen foreign talents (those who can’t compete and have no jobs in their homeland – or failures) coming, our standards have dropped drastically.
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PaP= ProstituteAnd Pimps:
March 28, 2013 at 8:32 pm
Do U know LKY has how many Children, 4 Children. First one totally retarded (not in Singapore)2-3 Phychiatry Mental Problem. 4 Girl.I once met her some where in a Pub. didn’t know she was LKY daughter with an ugly look.nearly scare me.A big drunk-look weird.After a few chat with her,she beg me for sex.
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I agree with the writer:
March 28, 2013 at 8:45 pm
I am a born and bred Singaporean. Regret to say to my compatriots that I largely agree with most of what this writer says.
We have an education system that systematically and mechanically drums textbook knowledge into the minds solely for the purpose of excelling in the exams but does little to train one to use one’s mind outside the textbooks.
It has been my observation too that we often do not know what ought to be the right thing to do because we do not use our head to think.
We like to think we are the best or the most intelligent in the world (like our leaders do, not realizing it is actually the opposite) just because we excel in the exams, not realizing that we do not impress in anything else outside the exams.
This starts from the top itself, our leaders and the supposedly intelligent educators at MOE who have shown that they have been unable to use their minds to think except yes, to excel in the exams.
They do not realize that they have moulded our minds into ‘retards’ and still think they have done a great job, just because we (and they) excelled in the exams.
This reminds me of what I watched on the news of North Koreans worshipping its leader even with the hard lives its leader has wrought on their lives. Not much difference from the behavior of many of us (have to emphasize not everyone, although I have to admit I was one of those brainwashed before the advent of the alternative media).
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March 28, 2013 at 9:26 pm
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March 28, 2013 at 9:34 pm (Quote)
Please do us all a favour and go back to where you came from, or relocate to India or wherever it is you people threaten to relocate to. You are miserable here, and we also don’t welcome you here! Its a win win situation!
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White Mosquitoes and Parasites to Andres Bonifacio:
March 28, 2013 at 9:43 pm
Harlo Andres Bonifacio
You can’t rebut but just have to make a fool of yourself with a daft one liner that can’t even argue with facts???? Oh dear, guess your one liner is a slap to your own face haahaa.
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Senior Citizen:
March 28, 2013 at 9:55 pm (Quote)
My dear ‘European business person’ …if Singapore is so ‘retarded’ like what you are trying to portray, then why are you stooping SO LOW that you still have to come crawling to this ‘retarded’ country to try and ‘beg’ for a living? Why don’t you remain in your ‘prospering’ Europe. The fact that you still have to come to this ‘retarded’ country despite knowing that it is ‘retarded’, goes to show that YOU are even more RETARDED! If that is not the case, then you must be so desperate that you have to force yourself to tolerate all these ‘retardations’. If you have any backbone at all, LEAVE! No one is asking you to stay back…and please don’t ever come back again! There is no place in Singapore for such arrogant ‘pigs’ like you who come to a host country and try to criticise the host. Days of ‘white supremacy’ is over. Always remember that you need Singapore and Singapore don’t need you. Prove me wrong!
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March 28, 2013 at 10:06 pm (Quote)
Yup, Singaporeans are retards, that is why we let people like you in. If you are as good as you claim, you would have made it big at home – why travel thousands of miles away? That you run us down so much, means we did not live up to your expectation of being a backward third world country, you retarded white fark!
No one turned up for your interview, that is because, you were wanting to hire cheap slaves. Only the foreign workers will go for that. When you can’t get “quality” workers, it simply means, the good ones aren’t interested in the shit you are offering.
Please do us a favour, get the hell out of here. Take your business elsewhere, anywhere, don’t ever return. You are a retard if you do.
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Pinoy Go Home:
March 28, 2013 at 10:07 pm
Your observation simply doesn’t square with the official figures. The govt says S’porean resident unemployment is less then 2%. Meaning 98% are considered very good and supporting the GDP growth. This has led to need for more foreigners especially in construction, retail and service industry. Next, the govt says fresh graduates find a job within 6 months and the average starting salary is SGD3,050. So why are you against the norm bitching about a graduate asking for SGD2,800? Clearly, you are wrong or the PAP govt is lying.
As a recruiter, you are complaining that applicants did a no-show or decline after hearing of the location. I guess you are a lousy recruiter with no idea that some applicants are just testing the market for their worth. Don’t you think those are simply excuses to reject you? Think harder and you will learn more how locals use recruitment firm to bargain between companies, etc green horn.
The total cost for locals with CPF is part of the operating cost while in SG. Why are you here if you can’t accept it and want more cheap foreign labour that the govt is now tightening to save their ass from getting voted out? Anyway, SG is not the only country introuducing CPF kind of scheme. Have you heard of EPF? Go find out. You are simply not very knowledgeable in this industry. Finally your idiotic laundry list expecting SG to be a utopia is so childish. The Philippines is where you belong permanently, fake Angmoh!
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Mainstreet Citizens:
March 28, 2013 at 10:11 pm (Quote)
My only question is: “What is this Joker still doing here, in a country that he considers retarded, isn’t he the Retarded Grandmaster?”
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So true:
March 28, 2013 at 10:48 pm (Quote)
So true, every word of it and it’s not a laughing thing.
Years of self patronizing, spoon-feeding by government, you can’t do this job, ok try that job while letting foreigners take every challenges, hard work.
Singaporeans have been marginalized by their own fault and self-proclamation almost to a point of no return. Last thing the writer didn’t mention, Singaporeans blame everybody except themselves.
Take a hard look probably still time to change.
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March 28, 2013 at 10:51 pm
And one more thing, foreigners work better than locals and hire local “maids” to add to his foreign labor quota? How come the influx of foreigners LOWERED PRODUCTIVITY endlessly? He got NO CLUE other than a tar brush against all Singaporeans.
IF SINGAPORE IS MORE BACKWARD THEN EVERY OTHER PLACE, why did he bother to f**k his little shit brain knocking about the Geylang haunts and 4 floors of whores in Orchard Road. Are those places priority interests in “doing business” here?
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March 28, 2013 at 10:58 pm (Quote)
I ASSUME THAT THE AUTHOR WALKED INTO SINGAPORE OR SWAM HIS WAY HERE bypassing immigration to get the first experience of efficiency. If he came in by air, he probably has NOT been through the 5 mile high club of toilet used by idiots by UNKNOWN NATIONALITY and NOT FLUSHED even on board.
And he DOES NOT EVEN know that culturally, Singaporean of Chinese origin are DIFFERENT from PRC Chinese who also feel the same degree of alienation with all other “Chinese” ethnicity in Australia originating from HK, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myammar, Mauritius, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore or even New Caledonia or native born Chinese in Australia.
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March 28, 2013 at 11:12 pm
Well, if foreigners are not happy and not willing to integrate with local Singaporeans, we respect freedom and you have that freedom to leave for a more suitable place.
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March 28, 2013 at 11:39 pm
I DO AGREE ON THIS POINT MADE BY THE AUTHOR. There is very little public consciousness – just hold the lift for everyone to get in in the same residential block or anywhere else, OFTEN NOBODY even bothers to say thank you. Some even hog the escalator ride down to MRT standing on the right side instead of keeping left, totally absorbed with their mobile texting.

“The emotionless, robot like behavior of the people and they way they chase meaningless, superficial, shiny trinkets (designer crap, overpriced status symbol cars, super overpriced bottles of booze, etc.)”

AND THEN THE OBSESSION WITH LITTLE STATUS SYMBOLS IS WAY OVERBOARD as if the whole world notices their conspicuous consumption either in admiration or jealousy. The reality is NOBODY CARES!
IT IS SIMPLY SICK SELF-ABSORBED BEHAVIOR IN THE YOUNGER GENERATION (the baby boomers by and large are not obsessed with wealth display) BORDERING OF LUNACY.
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Europeans are the worst:
March 28, 2013 at 11:48 pm
Europeans are the worst. In my work, I dislike having to work with my European colleagues. They are the worst. Next up are the Americans. The best people to work with are fellow Asians – including Singaporeans. This European obviously agrees – that’s why he set up shop in Asia.
His company is probably one of those fly-by-night ones. That’s why smart Singaporeans know when to avoid them when they learn more about the potential employer.
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March 29, 2013 at 12:56 am
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Atlas Shrugged:
March 29, 2013 at 1:06 am
I really wonder what’s the fuzz about it. I’ve seen a very depressing documentary on European men who devote their time to inanimate objects like women dolls for companionship and sex. They even talk to them like they are the real thing! Wonder if the author is one of them.
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March 29, 2013 at 1:10 am
Every once in a while Singaporeans should be slapped in the face with this sort of article to wake them up from complaining too much to their government.
It’s easier to renounce your citizenship than staying here acting like you’re the most suffered human being on earth while nothing stops you from making the best of what you have.
Ungrateful bastards.
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Mashed Tomato:
March 29, 2013 at 1:25 am
I think long before the influx of different types of foreigners in Singapore, our Singapore is just doing fine even if it would leave you out as you have no intention of getting local people. I just wondering do you really speak the truth or not you are just plain ignorant businessman for not knowing that you still to pay foreign worker levy to the govt instead, whereas you pay local topup their CPF personal account or maybe also stupid retard by calling us stupid retard. I am also surprised that you are not well informed and I was absolutely shocked at the almost unimaginable retardation.
While you are indicating your point on this, “does indicate that Singaporeans have no qualms about taking advantage of impoverished and desperate foreign workers.” , are you not hoping doing the same mathematician on salaries and its not the Singaporeans. Get real.
Moreover, gathered from what you said, you are just coming to our country, hoping to get foreign workers from another part of the countries instead to work for you or your company? So, your ideal plan is to get other foreigner like you to work and no qualm about leaving its country own people aside, but will only employ some locals as maid so that you could fully make full use of govt employment quota system and to get cheap labouring. If the investors or overseas businesss investor come here with such intention and not considering the locals, for such arrangement do you think we will welcome you since we citizens do not benefit from it? Firstly, by mockingly calling us being stupid retards, showing how you do not respect the host and the people. People like you looking down on us, we rather you do not come here at all.
You are not welcome.
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Mashed Tomato:
March 29, 2013 at 1:52 am
Probably, should ignore you on the whole.
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March 29, 2013 at 1:52 am
it is so strange to me to see a MORON calling other people retards.
this guy is truly RETARDED,he is the most stupid idiot i come across on this site.
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March 29, 2013 at 2:06 am
As it is, more often than not, a fella looking on from one side of his agenda, (in terms of his own benefits and gains which is often at the expense of others) cannot but state things in such a way as above to “justify” his doings. While there may be some people who were as what was put up, it by no means is to be used as his “justification” to cloud away majority of other local citizens who are diligent. I worked as a public bus driver for 8 years. Talking about my batch, we were responsible and honest and diligent in our daily work. We were so afraid of being late even for 1 or 2 times. Yes, there were a “fingerful” of “inadequate” performers, out of uncountable batches. Those “fingerful” would mostly not be confirmed as employees later. I worked, from awaking up at 3.30AM, arriving at 4.50AM at place of work, did OT until 7 or 8PM. Back home about 9+PM. Having had insomnia, it is lucky if I slept at 1AM! seriously! Woke up again at 3.30AM, smiles on my face later as I met with colleagues at 4AM! for the transport to work place. Back then, we worked 7 days then had off on the 8th day!. And some of my colleagues went back on their 8th day! It is never to boast about myself, but to boast about the hardworking characteristics of Singaporeans.(Malaysian bros too) As a former Singapore Air Force very senior officer pilot once said, when told that he is known as a workaholic, it is the characteristics of Singaporeans, not just of himself! Do not underestimate Singaporeans, for that was how we sweated to make our nation today for people such as the non locals to enjoy! I have no doubts at all, that given the adequate, correct and even strong TFR along with “sizeable” local citizens’ population, we will have a “second development”. Even w a “small” population, we had talents that worked to build this place up literally, talents such as Dr. Goh Keng Swee, Hon Sui Sen, Toh Chin Chye, Rajaratnam, Lim Kim San, along with Lee Kuan Yew and even David Marshall. It does not reflect well on writer to disdain others as well, apart from some “valid” points, of which none other country is not free from as well, or for that matter fare even worse. At one time I worked carrying loads of water container at construction site for min salary! willingly sweated under hot sun to give precious water as service to foreigner workers. I pushed myself as a commando would! No bluffing! Can the writer do the same for Singaporeans, to love and not to anticipate “judgement” too soon of locals, for Singaporeans will have to rise yet again. Singapore Chinese are descendants of 5-6,000yrs of China culture too, and along with the ancient wisdom of our Malay bros, and the equally wise local bro Indians, we have a nation to move forward! Hong Lim 1st May, 2013, my best wishes for the people take root. God bless the “ordinary” and all people. Singapore is still yet! a nation working up behind the scenes (unnoticed by foreign elements) by dedicated oppo leaders and de people
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Lau Ter:
March 29, 2013 at 3:20 am
one advise, this place is not suitable for you, so leave.
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Mr Retarded European:
March 29, 2013 at 3:46 am
I think you are exaggerating with the job application letters. Most of the Singaporeans have at least 10 years of education in English. Out of habit, some may use Singlish when they speak but majority write in proper English. Most probably you have encounters with the foreigners such as China Chinese, Bangladeshi, Filipinos, Indians from India , Myanmar, Thailand. Most of these foreigners have problems to speak simple English to communicate and at times we have to use sign languages.
The local Chinese do not like the China Chinese because of the way many behave (eg spitting everywhere, speaking loudly, not queing, not flushing toilets after use etc,)
I may agree with you on Singtel or UOB Bank. They may require a lot of paper work before things get settled.
It takes a retarded person to recognise another. You must be extremely retarded to suggest that a normal person can survive on S$1,000/- monthly salary in Singapore with our high cost of living especially food prioes, medical costs, transport charges etc.
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March 29, 2013 at 3:49 am (Quote)
@European business person,
You mean to say that in the non-english speaking countries like the european countries, India, China, Philipines, Middle East, Latin America, Africa, Indonesia, etc, people spoke excellent “pure” English, the way its suppose to be spoken or written?
Who are you trying to fool here… these countries have their own version of English too! In non-english speaking countries, we have people stammering at english words with twisted or missing grammars, conjunctions, etc & writing English words as it sounds in their own native languages.
If Singaporeans are that hopeless in speaking your bloody English, then how the bloody heck did Singaporeans brought Singapore to this height to be the best country in the world & what made you come here.
You & your clan did not contribute a drop to our success for over 50 years. So SHUT THE HELL UP & RETURN TO YOUR COUNTRY!
If you totally disagree that Singapore is the best country in the world then pack your bags up & leave.
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March 29, 2013 at 7:26 am (Quote)
A very interesting article indeed and has to be viewed and absorbed as constructive criticism.
But! Luckily, we have strict gun laws here else he would be one dead duck Ang Moh.
Speaking of lame ducks, it is obvious he does not have the necessary basic skills of SG’s business law requirements.
He came here to exploit our city state hoping to cash in on the availability of cheap FT’s and to live in the glitz and glam of what SG has to offer.
Hello ang moh, this place is not the sleazy bars that you are accustomed to; I personally think you are disappointed because in the quietness of our intelligence, we, the people of SG have outwitted you.
You are nothing but a guttersnipe and should go home to whence you came from and apologize to your parents for making an asshole of your family name.
But thank you for your criticisms, we are a city state in transition and taking the learning curve as our bench mark, you still are a long way behind so we’ll just sit here and wait for you.
Incidentally, should we wait for you @ 4 floors of whores or perhaps at the toilets where we need to potty train you?
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The Big Screwed Ups.:
March 29, 2013 at 7:35 am
Which country in Europe are you from???
Have you complete a self analysis of yourself if there is any good!
If you choose to represent Europe then write about ASIA!
Unfortunately, you have revealed too much of your inability to compete and secure your own requirements in a competitive place in Singapore or ASIA.
I believe you are a FAKE or disguised writer!
Good Bye and Good Luck!
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PAPa Bear:
March 29, 2013 at 8:55 am
WHO is this IDIOT who is talking no stop from his rear end and SHITTING through his mouth ? !
DUMB ASS ! ! !
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Who cares?:
March 29, 2013 at 9:24 am
I find the article really funny. A sweeping statement. If this European finds Spore retarded, he must be retarded to even continue operating here.
He cites cases in US where people hire foreigners. He’s doing the same right? Is he an opportunist too?
If he’s just looking for cheap hires and trying to justify it, then Sporeans are going to more expensive. CPF is govt policy, in case euroboy does not recall.
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Red Cliff:
March 29, 2013 at 9:24 am
From his English, this “European businessman” sounds like local. I worked with many real European businessmen before. Does not sound like their tone. This article is likely to be penned by some pro-establishment local in the name of foreign businessman.
Yeap, there are certain percentage of gen X and gen Y behave like what he said. However this is everywhere, not unique for Singapore. I even heard my China and Korea business friends complaint about it of their own countries.
In Europe, a few friends complaint to me about their gen X and Y too. That’s why they have their economic crisis.
Hence it is obvious this article is written by a Pappies. Just like the John Tan who advertised on Zaobao and Gumtree for hawker assistants and then start to make complains. I would challenge him to look for director via Shinmin daily. Bullshit, my sister is a hawker running three popular rice stalls. She never has problem recruiting locals. She has reputation as a generous lady.
Maybe John Tan and this “European” is same person.
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Red Cliff:
March 29, 2013 at 9:30 am (Quote)
A true European never comments about others’ English because other than England (I mean England bot whole UK even) few European can speak Queen’s English. Even Irish has funny ascent when they speak English like their local equivalent of Singlish.
Hence this writer is probably a local who has never travelled to Europe or even dealt with Europeans. Don’t be fooled by him.
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Tomato puree on your white:
March 29, 2013 at 9:52 am
To: I agree with the retard writer,
True enough, before I could finish reading LAST sentence, I had been thinking that you are easily swayed person.
Best part is, a rude and retard foreigner invited to its foreign country to do business but instead the moron looking ’slapped’ you and me down on our faces, yet you from our own mother land joined in and ’slapped’? Nonetheless, you are entitled to your own opinion but it just show that you are just the same like him.
As for wellsaid? and So true?
Obiviously, they have their own family agenda. But one thing, they do not slap their own pigs.
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simon to I agree with the writer:
March 29, 2013 at 10:13 am
As a BORN & BRED you should not agree but empathize with some of the written NEGATIVEs by the writer.
I don’t blame him after all the Hoo!!! & the Haa!!! LKY & PAP promotes Singapore as 1st World,Best in this & that PLUS number one in supposedly most field.
Take a look @ Hong Kong, its the foreigners that praise them for what it is not their Leaders BRAGGING but instead in most cases the Leaders apologises ever so often for their mistakes and the people of Hong Kong are ever forgiving and move on to make their city work for its people and not the leaders.
There Lies the Differnce between a true 1st world by development and a BS one claim by its leaders.
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March 29, 2013 at 10:51 am
Sour grape. I came across many people who wants to come here to work to earn cash…..
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March 29, 2013 at 11:12 am
This moron still live in the colonia era . Why so many White trash , from Euorpe , flock here for jobs ? European economy is heading south , with morons like you . And, please go back to the hell hole you crawl out from . Better, bring your dirty White trash , bitches home too !
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Julie Ong to Simon:
March 29, 2013 at 11:29 am
One of the biggest lesson never learnt by Mr LKY aka Lee Con You is Humility. He keeps bragging. Keeps talking, but failed over and over again to understand that we are only a midget in the overall scheme of things. Even if we are Tua Kee (big shot) we’re better of staying quiet but wield the actual power behind the scene. Only my opinion.
If, for example, I’m the top student (without immodesty I’ve been top of the class twice) why do I need to brag. My report card will show the grades, won’t it? The point I’m trying to bring across is that we should concentrate on the things that really matter, namely, we are Happy, Comfortable and Confident of our future. First, Second, Third or even Fourth world don’t actually matter – that’s academic.
Let’s be practical lah. Who cares what others think. I preach Freedom of Speech and I would Definitely not try to suppress your Freedom of Thought or Inquisitiveness.
I trust that the writer will repent and not be condescending to us, but show due respect for the way we are. We will, however, certainly take on board a few points that he mentioned that are valid.
If the writer hasn’t already known we are also teachable.
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March 29, 2013 at 1:08 pm
No wonder Singaporeans won’t attend your interview invitations. I trust its bad impression felt from the Pre-interview interactions.
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Adam Soong:
March 29, 2013 at 1:08 pm
I won’t be surprised many of his kind think the same way. But to examine ourselves, the ones here on this site, we are the educated lot, the ones who think a little, or we won’t even be here.
Those who are not here on this site, but a few of each category are there of course
1. Top 1% earners: too busy making good money to be bothered
2. Next 5%: to busy running the country or their own businesses
3. Next 10%: Too immersed in their jobs, having to take care of young family, amasing the dough for private housing, and playing a bit of politics to avoid being fired, or to climb the corporate ladder
4. Next 30%: Just trying to survive , being underpaid, not knowing when one will get fired, or trying not to get fired
5. Next 25%: Severely underpaid, living from day to day
6. Next 15%: In bwt jobs, not looking for jobs, retired happily or unhappily, relying on grown children, etc, or satisfied with low paying jobs
7. The rest: the unemployed, previous PMETs
i believe most of us from category 4-7. And yes we are mostly an educated lot, except the angmo foreigner cannot understand us when we speak local dialet, including Singlish.
He should learn Singlish, we too cannot understand him and his twang.
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Singapore for Singaporeans 1st:
March 29, 2013 at 2:51 pm (Quote)
Yo! You white-shit-head with superior mentality : pack up your bags and go fcuk-yourself home – go back to Europe where you are a bankrupt crook with a high nose.
Garbage like you not welcome here.
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March 29, 2013 at 4:34 pm
I am a Singaporean born and bred. I completely agree with this guy. The only thing is that even the foreigners are substandard now and getting worse. After these foreigners are here a few years , even they are nor cheap. Singapore is screwed.
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March 30, 2013 at 3:36 am
This kind of people who cannot survive in his own country or maybe his country can’t survive so he came over to beg for a living & after u found a job here & hv Sonera little knowledge so started to boast around, condemned on other people. If he really so capable, why he had to leave his family & work in other country? Bcos he can’t compete with his own country people, his country is dying so he came here to before cheap labour. So we actually don’t need to bother this kind of sour grape foreigner. Just let them say whatever they wanted to say. They are just jealous of us only. Yes, we are retards but we live more happier than u, dude!
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聋的传人 to Mike:
March 30, 2013 at 3:45 am
This kind of people who cannot survive in his own country or maybe his country can’t survive so he came over to beg for a living & after he found a job here & hv some little knowledge so started to boast around, condemned on other people. If he really so capable, why he had to leave his family & work in other country? Bcos he can’t compete with his own country people, his country is dying so he came here to become cheap labour. So we actually don’t need to bother this kind of sour grape foreigner. Just let them say whatever they wanted to say. They are just jealous of us only. Yes, we are retards but we live more happier than u, dude!
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Need washroom related reforms:
March 30, 2013 at 9:58 am
The point made about toilet training (top of the list) is real. The signage shows that there’s much to be desired in the use of toilets in Singapore.
Really there has to be TOTAL toilet use and cleaning reform.
In terms of use, we should have pay-as-u-use where you pay to enter the washroom itself (cashcard or ezylink) and pay again to use toilet stall if you need it. This pay twice should make people more careful. The charge can be minimal. Say for a foodcourt washroom, it could be 10 cents to enter and another 20 cents to use the stall.
In terms of cleaning: total washdown or “wet” cleaning should be minimised, maybe to once a week or once a month, and dry cleaning (minimal mopping and wiping) should be the order of the day.
Charcoal or other friendly smell absorbants should be used to absorb the stench.
There should be separate washrooms for squat only toilets. For example at a shopping centre, sit toilets could be on the even numbered floors and squat toilets could be on the odd numbered floors. This arrangement could be replicated nationwide. Japanese models of self-cleaning sit toilets could be introduced.
There should be a “housefly” or “bee” or target dot etched on uninals so men will target their piss stream on the marking. All urinals should be no-water-flush.
There should be a number written in the toilet stall so people can call or SMS if it is found to be clogged. There could be a paper disposal device or bin for waster toilet paper, i.e. so people do not throw toilet paper into the bowl but into this device, and the paper is subsequently collected for incineration under a different disposal system rather than put through the waste water sewage system.
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From The Real Singapore:

Fescrap Bkloh · Follow · Top Commenter · Regional Procurer at PT Winton Pacific
First, if you are so sore of Singapore, please get the hell out.
Second, we are also aware of the breakdowns in the systems, and unfortunately, we attribute these breakdowns to cheap imported labours, so called IT engineers who are not qualified, and providing sloppy services.
Banking problems in Singapore? I really don’t know who is managing the financial institutions here nowadays, maybe the inbreds imported by village loads may have a say in those snares.
If the author was horny enough to frequent the red light districts in Geylang then he should not complain about hygiene around those places after he dipped his dick into some whores.
If you think it is dumb here, it makes a dumber you to stay on.
Reply · 2 · Like · Follow Post · Thursday at 6:02pm

Tan Thiam Hee · Music Director/Band Director at Schools In SG
Well said:) Whoever that author is, Please get your butt out of this tiny island…
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Evangeline Cheng · Follow · Top Commenter · CHIJ St. Joseph’s Convent
You completely proved the author right.
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R George Eli · Follow · CEO Med Tech 1 at CEO Med Tech 1
I love this article! It does a great job of showing what a colossal idiot the writer is! First the Portuguese, then the Dutch, then the British…. and others….ad infinitum ad nauseum…we’ve been a tolerant people for a long time…go home, dear boy, go home..your Country desperately needs you. Course it might have kicked you out for being the sort of crappy guy that you are! There are, by the way, more than a dozen writing errors in your little expose, so some of our retardation might have rubbed off on you already…you might want to save yourself while you still can…Dr Eli.
Reply · Like · Follow Post · Thursday at 7:55pm

Henry Minjoot · St Joseph’s Institution, Singapore
Well well well… when is your birthday? I’d gladly buy you a full length mirror so that you can take a long hard look at yourself before you comment about others. Please crawl back to that hole from where you came from, wherever that may be. I am Singaporean born & bred & whoever said I can’t express myself in good English ? Is your country any “better” ? If so, get the FUCK OUT of here now …
Reply · Like · Follow Post · Edited · Yesterday at 1:24am

Evangeline Cheng · Follow · Top Commenter · CHIJ St. Joseph’s Convent
Your English sucks, actually. Did you know that you’re not supposed to leave a space before punctuation?
Reply · 1 · Like · Yesterday at 1:48am

Lam Hon Kin · Top Commenter · Jurong West, Singapore
What the author see may not be the true singaporean, as our govt. had open the flood gate and imported million of foreigners into Singapore which it give you the wrong impression on singaporean.
Reply · Like · Follow Post · Thursday at 10:16pm

Kumaran Pillai · Follow · Top Commenter · Tampines Junior College
This article qualifies as hate speech!
Reply · Like · Follow Post · Thursday at 6:59pm

Gopi Bala · Works at Public Nuisance
Can’t expect much from an inbred white asshole
Reply · 2 · Like · Thursday at 10:03pm

From Singapore Expats Forum:

A lot of what he says chimed with my youthful experiences in SG.

A distillation of all the things (negative) that we have all encountered with Singaporeans.

Holy crap. Talk about 100% accurate. I’m book marking this so I can just pass it along next time someone asks me “Well what’s wrong with Singapore?”

Websites that are closed outside office hours. That’s hilarious.

Also, the notification from a bank website, an SMS, an e-mail AND snail mail to tell you that you have successfully logged in the first time.

And his mood as goes on…it’s like Lewis Black about to have an aneurysm.

The first time I saw a website like that I almost started choking from laughter. I thought the site was hacked. I believe this was one of MOM’s sites.

I’ve always had problems accessing acra and bizfile outside the usual office hours.

One of the MOM sites actually stops letting you log in after business hours. They post them on the site. I remember because I tried to log in during a Saturday afternoon and the site “shut off” at 1pm.