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Every single cool dude has many choices about where and how to make his way in the world. To make the best choices, he needs the best information, and that’s where Single Dude Travel comes in. 

Our goal at Single Dude Travel is to help as many dudes as possible to make the best choices in life, travel, career, women, health and lifestyle, while avoiding pitfalls such as scammers, oppressive governments, golddiggers, ladyboys, and matrix values.

Unfortunately due to our busy other lives we cannot do this alone.  Business demands often drag one or more of us off for months on end and as you have seen we struggle at times to provide regular updates.

Therefore, we ask your help as guest contributors and other participants. We believe we merely express the ethos of the single dude lifestyle, and we know many of you have some other great ideas and local knowledge that would help everyone out.

If you would like to help us help the single dude, please consider sending us a guest post* or other suggestion via e-mail. We read all emails and  would love to hear from you.  


SDT Team

*Please note that Single Dude Travel does have a editorial standards, so please make sure your submission is accurate, topical, entertaining and not redundant.

We receive spam submissions daily, usually boring and off topic from hack professional bloggers and interns at shitty startup travel websites who obviously haven’t even looked at the site, and we dustbin those immediately and usually send a polite fuck you in response.

We would never say fuck you to an honest submission but if an article is not up to the standard we can’t run it, sorry.