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Guadalajara, Mexico

Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, is a great town.  It’s filled with what many Mexicans say is the most beautiful women in Mexico, has lots of great cultural options, and is also... Read More


Te amo, Mexico!

Ahhh, Mexico.  You’re so great.  You’re just right there next door.  Like the cute but slutty neighbor across the hall.  I know that when I get home drunk at 3 in the morning and... Read More


Feminism is Anti-Femininity

In previous articles, I’ve discussed how Western girls have really fallen behind the rest of the world in their general level of attractiveness and desirability as partners.  The more I travel the more I’ve... Read More


Charlie’s Plan B

The dominoes are falling faster and faster right now in the ongoing global financial train wreck that is starting in Europe and will eventually spread to the whole world. First Iceland and Ireland. Then... Read More


Welcome to the New America

Welcome to the New America. Human history has shown us over and over that those in power will do whatever is necessary to maintain control of their subjects. We have seen regularly all over... Read More