Where’s the Rest of Hillary’s Sarin?

The Two Faces of Hillary Clinton by Ben GarrisonThe other day I was reflecting on the precarious condition of the world right now, and a question came to me:

What happened to the rest of the Sarin gas the Syrian rebels had in 2013? Where is it, how much is there, and who has it?

Let’s back up a moment and set the stage. Obama and Clinton wanted a war with Syria and to get rid of Assad. The US took down Gaddafi for their usual reasons of power hungry world domination. Here’s how Hillary summed that one up:


Seymour Hersh, one of the great investigative journalists of his generation (but now no longer good enough to write for the New Yorker) said that Hillary Clinton helped funnel the Sarin gas to Syrian rebels.

Then some of the gas was released, killing some of the rebels, and it was a big mess. The US immediately blamed Assad and tried to go to war, but were unable to start World War III, despite a valiant effort. The mainstream media of course rushed to sell the US case.

However, the story was total bullshit. Why would Assad gas people and get the rest of the world on his back when he was winning the war at the time, pretty decisively. Even the UN disagreed with the US bullshit story. After the US failed to sell it as pretext for another war, they dropped it. Probably the truth lies in one of these two scenarios:

Scenario 1: The USA and Hillary Clinton staged the attack as a false flag and rigged the gas so it would kill some of the people they were giving it to providing them with a pretext for more war.

Scenario 2: Those camel fucking idiots screwed up and accidentally gassed themselves.  

Both equally likely scenarios, I would estimate.  Anyways, we haven’t heard anything about the Sarin gas since then.

But where is it? Is there any left and who has control of it? Or did they use it all?  What are they planning to do with it? Where will they choose to deploy it and for what reason(s)?

It would be a pretty powerful false flag, terrorist, or assassination weapon.  Colonel Gaddafi’s cousin predicts a 9/11 in Europe within two years. The predictions Gaddafi made before his death were certainly shockingly accurate.

What’s the future hold for this particular piece of the geopolitical puzzle? How many more of Hillary Clinton’s crimes must see the light of day before someone decides that Hillary Clinton is just too much of a liability?

Operation, Hillary Clinton Edition by Ben Garrison

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  • Duane Norman

    I’m beginning to think Trump is throwing this election for Hillary.

    • Manuel ✓Straight, Cis-gender

      Specifically, why do you say that?

      • Duane Norman

        Trump knows media and persuasion extremely well. And he knows both the establishment and the media don’t want him to win. He also knows certain trip words and phrases will be negative media sound bites, and is wise enough to avoid them. In the past few weeks since he’s won the nomination, every time the media seizes on one of his grandstanding quotes, his odds to win tank further.

        So he is either A) letting his free-speaking style and ego get the best of him, or B) purposely throwing the election for Hillary, possibly for a payoff. I wouldn’t put it past Trump to go with option B; he hobnobs plenty with the establishment, remember the picture of him with Clinton, Bloomberg and Giuliani?

        Hillary is the most flawed and easily exposed candidate in the last 50 years. She lost to a senator who hadn’t even finished serving his FIRST term (Obama) the first time around. All Trump needs to do to win is make it all about her being awful and him being the anti-Hillary. But since he won the nomination, he’s been doing more and more to make it about himself and his flaws, and he’s got plenty of em.

        • Manuel ✓Straight, Cis-gender

          We shall see. I just can’t imagine any honest, sane person voting for Hillary for any reason. Especially given what’s been coming out recently about her health and her “handler”.

          Notice how viral this video is going by the way, compare the view count to other recent PJW videos.

          If Hillary does win, I don’t think the US deserves to retain its sovereignty. I will not feel sorry for whatever happens to the idiots, parasites and subhuman sine that support her in the ensuing collapse. I will however feel very sorry for all the rest. In the long run the US will not survive in its current state, if at all. It is surely a collapsing empire.

          I look forward to seeing what may become of The Republic of Texas, or Montana perhaps.

          • Duane Norman

            Unfortunately the US electorate is populated with morons, as even liberals Bill Maher and Jon Gruber (Obamacare architect) have pointed out. That’s why we’re stuck with Hillary and Trump as our top (only) two choices. And unfortunately Hillary will probably win – those who are actually betting on it have the odds close to 4-1 right now against Trump.

            Just because I would rather see Trump win does not mean I’ll be voting for him, I’m Gary Johnson all the way; even with his flaws he’s the best choice. The two-party system is what breeds corruption and will ultimately be what dooms this country, and you are correct that one day it will all come to an end.

            I will write about what a potential US collapse/breakup/2nd civil war in the future. My belief is it would likely end in a very bloody stalemate, with little to no blood coming from the oligarchs and politicians who deserve it the most.

          • Manuel ✓Straight, Cis-gender

            I cannot support Gary Johnson, he’s for open borders and is an illegal alien apologist. He is a liberal.

          • Duane Norman

            Understandable, though immigration isn’t the single issue that would trip me up like guns is. I just don’t trust Trump to be a gun guy because of what he’s said in the past. Bill Weld was an awful choice for Johnson on that front, but then again, Pence was an awful choice for Trump as anti-establishment.

            I actually believe Johnson could end up being good for Trump. So many Hillary supporters despise her that they’d rather vote for Johnson, Jill Stein, or even write in Sanders. They despise Trump and will never vote for him, but the more of them that aren’t voting for Hillary, the better.

          • Manuel ✓Straight, Cis-gender

            I hear you, but I think immigration and gun rights are issues of at least equal importance. If the country is overrun by third world illegal immigrant hoards, there are only so many you are going to be able to take out with your semi-auto AR-15 and there is only so much ammo a civilian can stock pile. If there is a mob of unarmed people, how many do you think you can handle even if you are armed? 50? 100? 200? Clearly there is some number where you will be overwhelmed, armed or not. And don’t you think these mobs will manage to loot some gun stores when the shit hits the fan?

            I think that secure boarders are of at least equal importance to gun rights.

          • ProudlyUnaffiliated

            I have had to take a while to accept that the next President will be a very poor one. I decided the other day to vote for Trump though I’d much prefer voting for Johnson as a protest vote. Reason for my vote: it is an anti-Hillary, anti-criminal (same thing) vote. Period.

            All Johnson can do is siphon off votes from Trump. I doubt he can even win one state, probably not even his home state of New Mexico, so his electoral college score will be zero. But could he help swing a state or two or three to Hillary? You bet.

            This is not some theoretical fear- the Clintons and their ilk have a track record of using 3rd party/independent candidates to do exactly this. The latest blatant & sordid example was the 2013 VA Governor’s race where a rock solid, tea party conservative R (who got no help from GOPe, a good sign in my view) got barely beat by a Clinton surrogate D-bag after the attractive, nicely funded Libertarian got 6.5% of the vote, far more than the usual 2-3%. The Lib was funded by the left. Read more about it– https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virginia_gubernatorial_election,_2013 . And who can forget Ross Perot…

            Johnson is already running good sounding (to conservatives and moderates) radio ads in swing states. This is done specifically to draw from potential Trump voters. The MSM is talking about him, etc. and he even now has some Richmond (oh, VA again…hmmm….) newspaper endorse him. Johnson is being ramped up deliberately in my view.

            We may even see Johnson get included in one or more of the debates (and Weld included in the VP debate for “fairness and balance”) if they think it will help Hillary. (Johnson historically does not present well on TV in debates so that may be a bit of a gamble for the Hillary camp, who will be making this decision.)

            I have nothing against Johnson per se, he is the best person in the race in my view. But he will only be used as tool to play us and elect Hillary with far less than 50% of the vote. Vote how you wish.

          • Manuel ✓Straight, Cis-gender

            Watch this and get back to me.

          • ProudlyUnaffiliated

            Well, this sure is not the Gary Johnson of 4 years ago. It may be he is trying desperately, Trump style, to get attention by being outrageous with tidbits of leftism thrown in. What may underlie all this is it may be a scam run by the Clintons to siphon off votes from Trump. Johnson’s radio ads sound reasonable, the yahoo articles make him seem like a fine alternative, which means he could well be a tool of the left. But, given the long-standing squalid and embarrassing state of the Losertarian party, I think he represents them.

          • ProudlyUnaffiliated

            P.S. Immigration is of massive importance to gun rights. If you want to see how the left has beta tested that, look no further than California. Gun Owners of America (began as a national version of the original Gun Owners of California, both started by then State Senator H.L. Richardson and which was massively effective for many years) has said this explicitly. CA is now a deep blue state thanks to decades of illegal immigration and pandering to them with sanctuary and welfare. The zone has been flooded. Now, CA has ever decreasing gun rights, which are worsening as we speak. The totalitarian left wants to do this nationally.

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