Where’s the Rest of Hillary’s Sarin?

The Two Faces of Hillary Clinton by Ben GarrisonThe other day I was reflecting on the precarious condition of the world right now, and a question came to me:

What happened to the rest of the Sarin gas the Syrian rebels had in 2013? Where is it, how much is there, and who has it?

Let’s back up a moment and set the stage. Obama and Clinton wanted a war with Syria and to get rid of Assad. The US took down Gaddafi for their usual reasons of power hungry world domination. Here’s how Hillary summed that one up:


Seymour Hersh, one of the great investigative journalists of his generation (but now no longer good enough to write for the New Yorker) said that Hillary Clinton helped funnel the Sarin gas to Syrian rebels.

Then some of the gas was released, killing some of the rebels, and it was a big mess. The US immediately blamed Assad and tried to go to war, but were unable to start World War III, despite a valiant effort. The mainstream media of course rushed to sell the US case.

However, the story was total bullshit. Why would Assad gas people and get the rest of the world on his back when he was winning the war at the time, pretty decisively. Even the UN disagreed with the US bullshit story. After the US failed to sell it as pretext for another war, they dropped it. Probably the truth lies in one of these two scenarios:

Scenario 1: The USA and Hillary Clinton staged the attack as a false flag and rigged the gas so it would kill some of the people they were giving it to providing them with a pretext for more war.

Scenario 2: Those camel fucking idiots screwed up and accidentally gassed themselves.  

Both equally likely scenarios, I would estimate.  Anyways, we haven’t heard anything about the Sarin gas since then.

But where is it? Is there any left and who has control of it? Or did they use it all?  What are they planning to do with it? Where will they choose to deploy it and for what reason(s)?

It would be a pretty powerful false flag, terrorist, or assassination weapon.  Colonel Gaddafi’s cousin predicts a 9/11 in Europe within two years. The predictions Gaddafi made before his death were certainly shockingly accurate.

What’s the future hold for this particular piece of the geopolitical puzzle? How many more of Hillary Clinton’s crimes must see the light of day before someone decides that Hillary Clinton is just too much of a liability?

Operation, Hillary Clinton Edition by Ben Garrison

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