“Hey dudes, why don’t you stop writing about politics and just focus on travel, man, you’re like, way too negative.”

World War III

We keep getting comments and emails to this effect and given the current state of the world, we think it’s about time for an official response.

For example, last week Marc Lee wrote:

I used to really enjoy reading your site. It was a happy, jolly, fun site. I do not know what has happened over the last few years but all the articles just have a negative angle – more towards social and political commentary.

I know its your site and you can do whatever you want with it, but just thought I let you know how other may possibly feel about the type of content that is being published regularly. And seems very little to do with a single dude traveling.

My response was as follows:

We happily accept guest posts as well as additional contributors.

Quite simply we’ve been there and done that as far as chasing the cheapest beer and the easiest, hottest girls. We’ve visited most of the countries we want to visit and many of those that remain aren’t interesting (Saudi Arabia, anyone?). Furthermore, this site has never been solely about where to travel to. It also covers the why and the how.

The western world is falling to pieces at break neck speed and it’s becoming precariously close to a situation where you will need to travel if you want to keep your life and your health. It seems to us, like many others (see Roosh V and Mike Cernovich for a couple examples), that now is the time to be more serious and/or shift gears a bit.

The mainstream media has become the propaganda arm of corrupt governments. If all of us don’t speak out about important topics nobody will. The bottom line, If Hillary gets elected and starts World War III we may no longer have the freedom to travel freely, enjoy cheap beer, beautiful beaches and beautiful women. And Hillary is just one of so many threats facing the world today.

Corrupt, criminal, treasonous politicians are destroying Europe and drowning it in a sea of filthy, robbing, raping, killing muslim migrants. I wish we could go back to more carefree times but I don’t think we can, not right now anyway.

We certainly welcome those that want to write about those topics, and we still do from time to time, but now is the time to focus on defending our freedoms. There will be plenty of time for fun later once we regain our liberties and establish some safe zones (not to be confused with “safe spaces“).

Western civilization itself appears to be imploding right before our very eyes. These other topics are more important than where to find the next cheap beer. If that’s all you care about, check the archives. Even if the material is dated, ask a question, someone will probably let you know if the landscape has changed significantly.

The free market seems to appreciate what we are putting out because traffic continues to grow. Either way, we don’t care, this is a hobby not a living for us.

I’d like to leave you with a video from Stefan Molyneux and Mike Cernovich covering some of these dire issues.

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  • SnakeDoc

    The liberal mainstream media has become the propaganda arm for the Democrats for decades. They pick and choose what’s being covered everyday. It’s almost like they get a memo from the DNC each morning and run with it. Hell, MSNBC doesn’t even care about the fact that people know they’re pro democrats. The absolute bullshit “War on Women” was carried by the four major networks. Meanwhile the attack in Benghazi that killed an American ambassador was ignored. Then we have the most unqualified, corrupt, cold, criminal Hillary Clinton running without being vetted is a damn disgrace. This post is not meant to defend the Republicans, who are in many cases suffer from extreme retardation. There’s no watchdog journalism anymore, at least not the MSM anyway.
    By posting this comment I’ve become an intolerant racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe.
    Thanks guys for speaking out.

    • Manuel ✓Straight, Cis-gender

      Thanks for reading and thanks for speaking out. Some get it and some don’t.

  • Marc Lee

    Unsubscribed .. Thanks for the previous happy, jolly, fun articles. Yeah yeah I know you don’t care, I won’t be missed, etc; your readership is growing so you must be doing something right (I suppose you have done some analysis on top search terms which leads people to your site – it’s not politics)

    I have traveled to over 80 countries and yet enjoyed the travel articles with the SDT twist.

    As for political commentary and conspiracy articles on this site .. Thanks but no thanks, most of us are smart enough to work out what is what and there are better quality sites for that kind of content than what is posted here.

    • Manuel ✓Straight, Cis-gender

      Yea you’re right. It’s our travel articles that get re-posted on top 1,000 websites like Zero Hedge… oh wait…

  • StandUpWest

    While I’d love to see some more travel articles (especially the Asian ones), I can understand why you are posting the social and political pieces, and generally agree with your views.

    As far as I am concerned, the more the lies of the western governments and MSM are exposed, the better.

    If I was to nitpick, I would say that a couple of articles here and there on how to go about leaving the west, or how to stay and fight, may provide balance.

    Keep up the great work SDT.

  • Eurotrash

    Damn right, dudes!

  • GOvSx

    Spot on there. i agree – as I live in Oslo, Norway, city center – surrounded by hateful arabs/muslims: living on welfare, the future of my race is at risk here. Our culture and way of life. It’s serious!!

    • Manuel ✓Straight, Cis-gender

      Right on.

      Some of us just learned first hand about Oslow, it’s a travesty.

      The elites of the Scandinavian countries really seem hell bent on the destruction of those lands, it’s a Merkel level of insanity.

      What can we do?

      Even France is taking some minor steps toward sanity here and there like banning the burkini.

      • GOvSx

        What we can do? I speak to friends and co-workers. I’m outspoken at dinners. And I educate my self on Islam, muslims and immigration. I give donations to alternative media sites critical to immigration – there are only 3 in Norway. If I had more money I would have be given donation also to foreign websites and blogs. And of course – I boycott the main media which brainwash people with the lies about how wonderful diversity is. And I boycott business’es with a diversity profile, or which push an multikulti agenda, as well as halal-shops/restaurants etc. Most important: talk with people, friends, family etc – educate your self, get your facts straight – and comment on foreign websites to give moral support and spread bad as well as good news. I had a great great evening at a dinner this weekend – among a group of millennials I told them the facts about how their future will be: crumbling welfare, hardly any pension to live on, they will have to work much longer, even with the salary of 2 teachers – forget to buy an apartment (immigration pushing prices), higher taxes is coming, how can they ever get children,…and more – all because of immigration. (Oslo: 41 of hundred north-african and muslim boys born in Norway do not get a Diploma (Sweden: 80 out of 100), for higher education: the 59 out of 100 boys that are welcomed to 4 year, free, higher education: 62% fail. Even with a free 5th year to catch up. No Diploma. Oslo have at the moment: 100 small gangs of vicious, evil, heartless, nasty and mean immigrant youths. More to come – for each generation of failures. On and on.) The dinner: I tell you, several of those political correct pussies was shocked and the truth reached into their brains – well exuse for brains. Millennials are the most fu**** generation ever. Sadly they are in general voting for their own destruction and misery: pro-immigration. I know that I changed some minds there by telling them how their lifes will look like in the next 50 years – if immigration continues. Yeah – to have motivation is very important: for me its easy, as a single dude, 50 years old, in very good shape – its my 2 nieses. I hate the thought of giving over to them a miserable country full of muslims and africans. best regards from Norway. We can turn this.

        • Manuel ✓Straight, Cis-gender

          Would you like to write a brief guest post about what it’s really like there for Norwegians in Norway? Totally fine for it to be anonymous. Contact us if you are interested, we will be happy to publish it.

        • Joeclyde17

          You could also dress up in white sheets with a hood. Then chase them out of your country with torches. That way you can keep your white women pure. While you visit every other country and defile their women.

          • Deplorable Cis Man

            Joueclyde17 – that’s a great idea for the new year. I’m working on it:; Goa early February, there I will defile not Indian but beautiful females from other European countries. Backpackers – better keep the dna clean you know if a baby pops out from my fun in the sun. Laundry service for white sheets are very reasonable in Goa, a mere 30 cents. Have to keep that sheets and hoods white – you know (1 mesmerizing white – pair for each day of the week). Because you are a stupid pussy – happy new year with wishes that your shrivel vagina do not bleed all over the internet in 2017 as it did this year. Its disgusting. You probably bleed out of your eyes – whatever.

          • Joeclyde17

            Oh no the insecure racist guy called me a pussy. He must be tough. I better watch out. lol

          • Deplorable Cis Man

            Wrote the SJW which felt it was appropriate to create – white sheets and hoods and racism + implying I am “defiling of foreign women” – out of thin air. You lie and exaggerate. I answered by going low myself – mirror you. So you can get the look and feel of your self. Now you try to act tuff -. and lol it all away. The hallmarks of any SJW – projecting and double down. So predictable. And sad.

  • ProudlyUnaffiliated

    Rock on, dudes!

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