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The Prison Industrial ComplexWe are pleased to announce that one of our own, Duane Norman, has founded his own site, Free Market Shooter! Congratulations Duane, we hope you will continue to expose the mainstream media lies for years to come!

Why, you ask, is a free market advocate in favor of ending private prisons?  Simple: because these facilities aren’t  “private” at all.

The reason why should be obvious.  Prisoners are their only “customer”, if you want to call them a customer at all; the “customers” are provided by the government, who pays private prison companies for their incarceration.  The only obligation to the customer that the prison has is to make sure he or she begins and ends their term in one piece. So the for-profit prisons themselves have every incentive to cut costs and cheat regulations, as this means more money to the shareholders’ bottom line.

Continue reading “Good Riddance, “Private” Prisons” or check out the latest from Duane Norman on Free Market Shooter.

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    A huge thank you to the SDT Team, as I never would have gotten my own thing started without the guest posting policy here.

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