Ryan Kulp on why he quit Medium

The men who live as dogsI love reading stuff like this. He hits the nail right on the head, Medium really is a cesspool of liberal, SJW, diarrhea of the keyboard.

White, straight, Christian, male, conservative.

How else can I piss you off today?

by Ryan Kulp

Medium began as a better CMS and graduated into a cesspool of passive aggressive bullshit about women in the workplace, the Evil White Male, and basic income.

When I wrote about 5x-ing my salary 2 years ago, Medium was a destination for inspiration. When I downloaded the iPhone app and got daily brilliance from DHH, I stopped eating sliced bread.

But now, white guilt and Publication curators (the mob) are in control. Push-button publishing for the people is dead.

Here are a few things Medium has taught me ever since the liberal mafia took over the [once] free flow of information:


Whites are inherently evil, petty, racist, etc.


Straight people are confused, judgmental, etc.


Christians are dumb, Happy Clappies, etc.


All men are potential rapists.


Conservatives are racists. (Did I really need a link to prove this popular misconception?)

My favorite has to be that normal straight people are “confused”. Who is more confused? Normal straight people or Bruce Jenner? Or perhaps these guys? Or maybe him? No, definitely must be the normal straight people who are confused.

Nice work Ryan, somebody has to tell it like it is.

Bonus example of the high quality writing on Medium that received 124 “recommendations” and counting: Donald Trump is a career scumbag and his supporters are a bunch of dumb racists.

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