Is Spanish necessary to get girls in Latin America?

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The Million-Dollar Question

Lots of guys (when they’re planning to visit Colombia, Peru, Argentina, etc.) always ask me:

  • “How is the level of English there?” or
  • “How much Spanish do I need to know?” or
  • “Where can I find the girls who speak English?” or
  • “Is it possible to get laid without any Spanish?”

Here’s what I tell them: Having spent a total of six years in various Latin American countries, I can say that the answer is, like many things: “yes and no” and “its complicated”.

Do You Need To Know Spanish To Get Laid In Latin America?

Well, the experiences of thousands of backpackers who have passed through Peru will tell you the answer is…”no”. You can still get laid but quality issues may come up. Without Spanish, you will most likely be getting with pre-pagos and gringo hunters. Pre-Pago is a term used in Colombia to describe a girl who, while not being an official prostitute, will not date or have sex with a man without receiving some gifts and experiences in return. Gringo Hunters are those girls who are very active on sites like Tinder and Latin American Cupid.

Now, if you cried when you realized Santa wasn’t real, please cover your ears now; you are not the only foreign guy that these girls are sleeping with. You are certainly not the first and you probably won’t be the last. These girls are experts. I’ve got many stories of foreigners in Lima, Bogota, Quito, etc. exchanging pictures of girls on Whatsapp asking: “Have you banged her?” “What about this one?” So get it in your head that these girls are used up and not the type of girls you should be wifing up or even considering for a girlfriend. If you are OK with all that, then you won’t need much Spanish.

There are other types of Latina “users”. Some girls will actually prefer a boyfriend that does not know any Spanish so they can practice and improve their English. These girls are boring, Americanized and are looking for a ride out of their home country on the back of your coat tails. Leave these “English Groupies” to the other poor unsuspecting gringos.

What About The Top-Tier Latinas?

It’s not that the 9’s (girls you would consider marrying) are impossible without Spanish, but it will be very difficult.

The reaction you get when they find out that you speak Spanish will usually be one of relief. You knowing Spanish means they don’t have to suffer the headache of using their English all the time with you.

It’s not that girls will fall at your feet if you speak Spanish, but you will never lose any girls because of it. However, you will lose girls if you don’t have any Spanish and communicating and living with you is a daily struggle for mutual comprehension.

Players In Latin America With Zero Spanish

I have seen alphas bang 7 hot girls a week in Latin America without any Spanish. These guys are forced to communicate physically and the girl has no chance to play games. Look at it this way: there is no danger of her putting you in the dreaded “friend zone” if she can’t communicate with you or even talk to you about her problems.

I know a guy who is living in Colombia, knows no Spanish and is banging very attractive girls. However, he is 200lbs at 5% body fat. Plus, he doesn’t work so he is free all day to game girls. If you don’t have some of these same luxuries and advantages then you need to find a different edge.

To Be Jacked Or Not?

Think of fitness and being in great shape. Does it help? Yes. Is it absolutely necessary? No. You can still get girls being a fat slob. Improving all aspects of your life (being in shape, improving your finances, and improving your language skills) will increase the quality of the girls that you date.

Make the effort and stand out. Girls are all about value; money is value that’s why they are dating athletes and millionaires. Living in Latin America and knowing zero Spanish (or unwilling to learn) = low value. It shows either laziness or lack of intelligence.

Quality Of Life And Once-In-A-Lifetime Experiences

Lastly, if we move off the topic of women for a second and discuss your quality of life in Latin America, then it is very much in your best interest to learn Spanish. If you intend to stay there and make friends, then it is absolutely necessary. Simple things like paying bills, ordering food and organizing transport become frustrating and draining experiences without a command of the local language.

If you are only in town for two weeks however, and you want to collect some notches then it might not be your top priority.

Hasta luego,
El Conquistador

El Conquistador

El Conquistador is a contributor to Swoop the World and Masculine Profiles as well as the author of the Pickup Spanish course.

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