Single Dude Travel Advisory: Did you know migrants can now fly within Europe without identification?

Polish anti-migrant protestUPDATE: When we originally published this article we mistakenly identified Poland and Lithuania as non-Schengen zone countries when in fact they are Schengen zone countries. As far as we know, this issue applies strictly to travel within or between Schengen zone countries.

I recently took a trip through Northern Europe including the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania and Poland. Although it’s common knowledge that travelers can pass between Schengen zone countries without going through customs, I was unaware that air travel without any identification at all was possible within and between some Schengen zone countries. As I flew from Denmark to Norway, Norway to Sweden, Sweden to Lithuania and Lithuania to Poland I only had to present identification once. In fact, in Denmark I was able to print my boarding pass and baggage tags at self-service kiosks and then check my bag at a another self-service kiosk. When going through security and at the gate I was also able to scan my boarding pass myself, nobody checked my identification to verify that it matched my boarding pass. From Copenhagen to Oslo not only did I not have to show any form of ID, I did not even interact with a person at all except for a cursory wave through the mental detector and a greeting from the stewardess once I had already boarded the plane. During my entire trip throughout all of these countries I was only asked to show an ID once in Norway because I needed help checking a bag due to the self-service kiosk malfunctioning; it seemed as though a library card might have sufficed just as well as my passport.

Considering the depth of the “refugee” crisis that is currently ravaging Western Europe thanks to their suicidal open border policies, I find it alarming that people can fly all over northern Europe without showing any form of identification whatsoever and can even check luggage and board an airplane without even interacting with a human being. Consider that someone could purchase a ticket online with a stolen or prepaid credit card or even an unverified PayPal account and then fly essentially totally anonymously. Even worse, it seems like the migrants can easily take advantage of this gaping security hole and enter the only countries that are exercising a sane policy with regards to migrants, such as Poland. I can’t say for sure if it is possible to fly without ID to other eastern European countries besides Lithuania and Poland but I suspect that it is.

I am no defender over-zealous, child molester, TSA style airport security, but being able to fly from migrant, rapefugee infested Norway and Sweden into one of the few countries that is trying to prevent the rape and pillaging of the west can only be described as pure insanity.

I believe it is time for citizens of Eastern European countries to demand that their leaders seal their borders, not just to non-EU countries but to Schengen zone countries as well. It seems that there is a clear and present danger of these migrants traveling freely throughout the entire EU via air into countries that are expressly exercising their sovereign rights to keep them out. Among the significant numbers of petty thieves, rapists and murders there is surely some percentage of true foreign enemy operatives.

It’s worth noting that when I entered Denmark from Serbia my passport was carefully scrutinized and I was asked all kinds of questions about he purpose and duration of my trip. The same happened when I departed Poland. It seems like we’ve reached the point in time where Eastern Europe needs to restrict travel from Western Europe and not vice versa.

It is clearly too late for France, Germany, Norway and Sweden but not for Eastern Europe. Eastern Europeans need to continue to demand closed boarders and see that this policy is enforced not just for land travel, but for travelers entering the country via plane or boat as well. It is amazing what a nice country Poland still is when contrasted with a city like Oslo that is over-run with shiftless migrants loafing about and scowling menacingly at the natives. Let’s try to at least save Eastern Europe!

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