Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft to censor social media even more aggressively

Facebook DislikeSince Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft want to further trample our rights to free speech, fight fire with fire. According to the latest reports, they plan to “expeditiously review” reports of “hate speech” within 24 hours. Let’s flood them with reports on bullshit mainstream media propaganda and SJW whining. Anything with a liberal, socialist, communist, or SJW bent to it should be reported. If we overwhelm their censors it will cost them money as well as hamper their ability to censor us.

I propose that we promote this idea under the hashtag #FlagForFreeSpeech. If you see a post anywhere on social media that looks like it’s being promoted by the thought police, flag it!. Flood them with reports until they cannot effectively review anything!

The phony concept of “hate speech” cannot coexist with the right to free speech!

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