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Mike Cernovich: Gorilla Mindset
There aren’t any shortcuts. This guy knows what he’s talking about.

10 Rules of Making Money Online

Eat your own cooking. Don’t write about mindset if you’re a nervous wreck or suffer from anger. Don’t write about six-pack abs if you don’t have them unless you’ve trained over 100 people. When you write about what you live, your writing will be credible. You’ll have a connection with your audience. You’ll build reader trust. You also won’t ever have writer’s block.

Create a product you could sell, then give it away. Use it to build your email list and to build goodwill. How can you create a product to give away? Go to Upwork to find a good graphics guy to edit a nice book. Or record yourself giving a seminar. Give it away to people in exchange for joining your e-mail list. It will also build your goodwill.

Build a lifetime business. There are a lot of gurus who will tell you how to make money online. Their advice is short-term and involve hustling people and being an annoying spammer. Ask yourself if you’d like to be subjected to the type of marketing you’re applying to other people.

Taking the long view will also help you chill out. Who cares if you don’t make any money right away? Learn and build as you go. With the web, you generally go from making $0 for a year or two to suddenly making a lot more. Growth and cash come quickly and suddenly.

Write book reviews. Writing book reviews help you retain information from books you read. Book reviews are also a great way to meet people you like.

Write book review, author’s Google alert goes off, author reads your post, author might consider you someone he’d like to get to known.
The same is true of blog reviews. If you like a site, review it.

Leave big names or even medium names alone. If you want someone to notice you, write a book review. Don’t email them asking to receive something for nothing. That makes you a parasite.

Develop multiple sources of traffic. How many people learned about me from Vox Day, Bold & Determined, Good Looking Loser, Roosh, and countless other larger and smaller blogs and social media accounts? You’re not going to have one huge source of web traffic (yourself), at least at first. You’re going to have streams of traffic flowing in.

Now review what I wrote above. What is more likely to bring you web traffic – emails asking to parasite off of someone, or having that person discover your website after you wrote about him?
Build your email list and social media from the beginning. Since you’re not selling anything yet because you’re giving away a product, get people on your email list. Link to your social media account at the bottom of a post.

Sell an affiliate product before launching your own. To make real money online, you’ll need your own product. Creating a produt that will add value to your readers lives takes months or years. In the meantime, sign up for an affiliate product or two. Learn how to review and sell a product that you personally use and enjoy.

The other two rules will appear soon at Danger & Play.

We definitely need to read and review this dude’s book.

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