Facebook is taking spying and invasion of your privacy to a whole new level!

Facebook DislikeA reader recently sent us the screen shot below and told us that it simply spontaneously appeared his Facebook Android app news feed. The photos pictured under “Share a recent photo” were photos he’d recently taken but never shared through Facebook. This means that the Facebook mobile app is randomly scanning the photos on your phone, whether you decided to share them or not.

Given Facebook’s frighteningly accurate (and continually improving) facial recognition algorithms, Facebook (and by extension government agencies) likely knows exactly who you’ve been with and where you’ve been via photos you never even shared. It’s also worth noting that many smart phones embed GPS coordinates in photo Exif data by default which would allow Facebook to determine your location even if you have location access disabled for the app.

Beware when using social media, Big Brother is watching. Welcome to 1984.

Facebook spying

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