An intro to Bucharest, Romania, a budget summer travel destination

Bucharest summary partyBucharest is a great single dude destination for a number of reasons. It’s one of the cheapest capital cities in Europe, you’ll see beautiful women everywhere you look and if that’s not enough, there are also a lot of cool things to do around the city and there is excellent night life. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your visit to Bucharest.

Bucharest is one of the best places to visit in Romania in the summer and it’s not necessarily just for sightseeing. Sure, there are some really interesting historical places and stunning buildings and houses that are worth visiting but the best part about Bucharest if you’re a dude is the partying. There are parties and events almost every night, not just on weekends and there are also a lot of terraces and gardens where you can chill out, drink a cold beer and socialize. Romania has recently banned smoking in enclosed public spaces, so you should definitely come here during the summer if you’re a smoker because you can still smoke at a terrace bar or cafe.

Pro Tip: Don’t smoke in train stations, airport, enclosed railway platforms, taxis or near children playgrounds if you don’t what to get a fine.

Club Control, Bucharest

Club Control

Every Bucharest travel guide suggests going to the Old Town because there are a lot of clubs and pubs there, which means you’ll find a lot of women too. Being a foreigner will probably work to your advantage because most Romanians have a soft spot for foreigners. They’ll likely be very nice and hospitable and you’ll be well taken care of unless you act like an arrogant jerk. Romanians generally like to make travelers feel welcome in their country, but they don’t want to hang out with an asshole.

Pro Tip: If you’re bringing your “I’m so much better than these Eastern Europeans” attitude here, don’t expect to have a great time. Just be cool and friendly and the locals will make your time here well worth it.

It’s true that Bucharest is one of those cities that never sleeps, where you can party until the morning, but there are many other places in Bucharest you could go besides Old Town. Old Town can be rather tiresome if you’re not into bar hopping and commercial music. If you’re looking for something different, you should check out places like Studio Martin and Kristal for minimal, tech and deep house music. Try Club Control, Manasia Bar or the MNAC Terrace for hipster parties and Kulturhaus or Club A if you’re either really cheap or really poor. If you’re the kind of guy who likes to dress up when going out and money is not a problem, check out clubs such as Fratelli, Bamboo, BOA or Chaboo. There are a lot of short skirts and high heels here along with fake boobs and fake nails.

BOA Club, Bucharest, Romania

BOA Club

Pro Tip: check out the Facebook page of the club before you go out. You can find out if there’s a particular event going out that night and you can also look at their photos to see what kind of crowd to expect. Tinder is a good resource in Bucharest if really want to hook up. A lot of women use Tinder and it’s no secret why.

If you are planning to visit Bucharest, your best accommodation options are either hostels or apartments. Hostels are great if you’re backpacking or if you came here just to have some fun on a tight budget. You can find a hostel right in the Old Town called Little Bucharest. But if you’re a grown up, you are better off renting an apartment. Apartments close to the city center are reasonably priced and will afford you privacy as well as the opportunity to “cook to bang.”

Bucharest is also often host to big name concerts. This summer you can expect to see Maroon 5, Queen with Adam Lambert, Steve Aoki, SIA and Muse among some of the most anticipated events of summer 2016 in Bucharest.

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