An Interactive Travel Guide to Baltimore

An Interactive Guide to Baltimore (aka "Harm City")We’re quite sure that nobody would recommend Baltimore as a place for single dudes to visit (or anyone else for that matter) but in case you have to, there’s now an interactive guide for that. This guide doesn’t include bars you might want to visit but rather blue, yellow and red zones which will help you navigate “Harm City” and hopefully stay alive while doing it.

James LaFond in cooperation with other residents of Baltimore (city and county) put together this handy interactive guide using Google Maps and Google Earth.

The following content is the product of an exciting collaboration amongst Baltimore City and County residents, to geographically document the ever-changing meanscape of our tiny metropolis. We’ve spent countless hours debating the overall safety factor of neighborhoods across the map, of various transit arteries, business districts, residences, and of course — vacancies, all for the purpose of creating a risk guide to outsiders. You have to admit, it’s an order of magnitude greater than this thing.

My favorite Q&A from the guide:

Q: The University campus is red? Really? REALLY?
A: They have their own murder rate …

I don’t think it’s possible for many readers outside the US to fully comprehend the war zone that so many US inner cities have become. See more here.

Baltimore Danger Zones

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