Alana K Massey: A case study in the feminist-fueled, decay, rot and decline of Western culture and society

Alana K MasseyMuch to my chagrin, I keep stumbling across the vacuous, inane ramblings of ivy league “educated” (read: brainwashed), former prostitute and stripper turned “professional blogger,” Alana Massey. It’s quite difficult to choke down her incoherent keyboard based menstration without vomiting, but it always serves as yet another reminder why it is imperative for young, upwardly mobile single men to eschew the insane, toxic women and poisonous culture of the west. Only in the US (or perhaps Western Europe), could a woman who publicly documents her uncountable Tindr-fueled rides on New York City’s cock carousel earn money for doing so. Perhaps the only thing more nauseating than Massey’s writings are the cheer leading comments written in response to her articles by blue-haired feminist swamp donkeys and legions of limp-wristed, totally emasculated, closet homosexual beta males!

Andy Nicholson: Alana Massey cheerleader and beta male extraordinaire

There is no point in dissecting the the bipolar rantings and ravings of this lunatic because Chataeu Heartiste has already been there and done that, however I couldn’t help but chuckle when I happened upon this relatively recent post of Massey’s attempting to ridicule her critics. When she pukes up the following sarcastic snark, she is undoubtedly referring to Chataeu Heartiste:

This year, my haters spared no rhetorical expense when it came to writing unpaid screeds on wildly popular internet sites like blogs”

It would seem that she is implying that the authors of Chataeu Heartise are basement dwelling losers unable to afford a real website who have few followers. Fair point I guess, since it’s so easy and inexpensive to setup a “real webiste” like she has done. Although I’m not really sure why she sees writing for the joy of writing rather than for pay as somehow inherently inferior. Since she is a former prostitute, I can’t help but wonder if she considers having sex for free as inferior to having sex for money; no doubt she has plenty of experience with both. Whatever the case, when one compare’s the Alexa ranking of Massey’s site with Chataeu Heartiste, hilarity ensues.

Alana Massey vs Chataeu Heartiste

Alana Massey vs Chataeu Heartiste

Maybe she picked the wrong “hater” to pick on.

It’s worth noting that Massey also also uses to host her website as of this writing. She hasn’t bothered to change the default WordPress favicon and the IP address for,, is owned by Automatic,’s parent company. Literally the only difference between Chataeu Heartiste and Alana Massey’s website is that Massey bought an $11.99 .com domain. Well, that and it has far, far, far less readers than the Chataeu. Whoops.

The IP address for is owned by Automatic (aka

The IP address for is owned by Automatic (aka runs on runs on

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