Our screenshot of Facebook censoring Wikileaks is going viral!

Hillary Wikileaks Facebook CensorshipThe screen shot we originally tweeted to @Wikileaks was retweeted by Wikileaks with an accusation to Facebook of censorship and was subsequently picked up by theantimedia.org and it’s now blowing up on social media. It would be nice if somebody gave us credit but at least it’s being shared.

Wikileaks Hillary The Anti-Media

You can see without question that this was our screen shot by the comment that was written on the failed Facebook post as well as the advertisement for the shirt in the top right hand corner.

Always happy to be part of the downfall of Hillary Clinton and to expose big social media’s blatant censorship.

The Anti-Media article has 100,000 shares on Facebook, 1,700+ on Reddit, 180 on Google+ and counting. Woohoo!

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