Meanwhile… in Englandstan…

Pakistani rape and kidnapping gangs in EnglandEnglish citizens are being arrested for posting “mean words” on Twitter (and see this and this).

On the other side of town Pakistani and Bangladeshi foreign invaders are allowed to marry their first cousins and produce hoards of retarded offspring that drag down the entire UK health and welfare system. Let’s not forget that it’s not unlikely that some of these same cousin fuckers are members of the child rapist and kidnapping gangs that have victimized thousands of British children for years with total impunity.

Yep… sounds legit. Let me see if I can help England come up with some new tourism slogans:

England: Where “racist” words on Twitter are a jailable offense but kidnapping, rape and cousin fucking are AOK!

England: Come for the tea and crumpets, stay for the rape!

England: Where mean words on Twitter are a crime but fucking your cousin, well that’s just fine!

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