Can SJW’s ever create a “campaign” that isn’t based upon blatant lies?

Super Plus-sized Model Tess Holliday
Today a new (or at least one I hadn’t seen before) SJW whine campaign crossed my newsfeed: #WomenNotObjects and #IStandUp. As you can imagine it’s the usual whining and crying about how “unrealistic beauty standards” are “destroying the lives” of America’s women and girls. Nothing new there.

However, this particular post claims “The pressure to be ‘model thin’ and have airbrushed looks has caused a dizzying amount of women in the U.S. (75% to be precise) to develop some form of eating disorder.” I have to ask, “What kind of crack are they smoking?” What kind of eating disorder can they possibly be talking about? An over-eating disorder?! When discussing the US, we’re talking about a nation where more than one third of the population is obese and more than one half is overweight; this doesn’t sound like a country that has a problem with “model thin” obsessions, does it?

Can’t SJWs for once come up with something that at least sounds plausible? Coincidentally, Jim Goad just published a fantastic rundown on many other SJW “horrors” and “terrors” and it’s well worth the read!

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