Book Report: Do The Philippines by Matt Forney

Do The Philippines by Matt Forney
Matt Forney’s latest, Do The Philippines: How to Make Love to Filipino Girls in the Philippines Today, is a concise and straight to the point guide on how to make the most of a trip to the Philippines. Topics covered in detail are: where to stay, how to avoid getting ripped off, pick pocked or mugged, where and how to meet girls and two brief city guides for Manila and Davou. Although the book is quite short, it’s packed with actionable travel tips that will ensure that you can hit the ground running from the moment you land in the Philippines.

Save for just a few topics of contention, I agree with Matt’s observations 100%. The few points where we disagree are:

  • The hotness level of Filipinas. Matt says he found the vast majority of Filipina girls to be in the 5 to 7 range with virtually no drop dead gorgeous stunners. I disagree, I had no trouble finding exceptionally hot girls all over Manila.
  • You won’t run into trannys unless you hang out in sleazy sex tourist places. Again, I have to disagree, we were hounded mercilessly by some of the ugliest, most aggressive trannys I’ve ever see at Greenbelt Mall and also in Boracay (it hasn’t changed and we’ve been back recently).
  • The education and intelligence level of average Filipinas. While Matt seems to imply that he was able to find Filipinas he could carry on a decent conversation with, we found the vast majority of Filipina girls to be dumb as rocks and super boring too.
  • The bunny boiler tendencies of many Filipina girls. While the book touches on it, I don’t believe the bunny boiler potential of Filipinas is emphasized enough. We experienced some of the most bizarre, stalkerish behavior of our lives in the Philippines, particularly within the cougar market.
  • The rich girl market. Missing from the book was any mention of the rich girl market. While in Manila we found this niche to be ripe for the picking. Rich daddy’s girls with virtually limitless resources can be found in the more upscale malls, bars and clubs in Manila. While the Philippines is generally a very poor country, there are some obscenely wealthy people (read: private islands), particularly in Manila.

Some of the most important points upon which we agree wholeheartedly:

  • The Philippines is cheap. You will have no trouble making on it $1,500 per month in Manila or $1,000 per month in other cities.
  • The Philippines is one of the easiest countries in the world to get laid. Filipinas absolutely love foreigners, you may literally have to beat them off with a stick!
  • Filipinas are loyal, feminine and caring. While of course you will find sluts, gold diggers and whores as in most any country, average Filipina girls are warm, loyal, feminine and very caring. Morbid obesity and feminism are rarer than spotted owls. Matt sums it up perflectly when he says “my Philippine trip permanently ruined my ability to deal with American girls,” we couldn’t agree more!
  • Day game is the way to go. While it’s certainly easy to pickup chicks at night also, day game in the Philippines is like shooting fish in a barrel.

If you’re planning a trip to the Philippines, this book is definitely worth the modest $8 price of admission. The advice on finding and negotiating for housing alone will certainly pay back the small purchase price of the book many times over. You can purchase Do The Philippines in eBook orpaper back format.

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