5 Reasons you should avoid Latin American girls who speak English fluently

Julieth Roman, super hot Colombian chickA lot of guys, when they are considering going to Latin America ask me: “Do many girls speak English there?” Or “Where in Lima or Medellin or Buenos Aires can I find women who speak English? The universities? Argh! I don’t speak Spanish!” Here’s what I tell them:

“Dude, you’ve got it ass backwards. You want to avoid the girls who speak English.”

Yes, you heard it right. You want to go for the girls who know very little English. This can be tough to get your head around. If you try this with some Latinas, a couple of things will happen. Your ego will take a blow if your Spanish is weak and you’ll have some uncomfortable conversations. But one thing is for sure: you’ll have a much happier sexual and dating life in Latin America.

Here’s how you should assess a Latina’s level of English and whether she is worth dating or not:

  • If she speaks no English – good.
  • If she speaks a little English – great.
  • If she speaks good-to-fluent English – avoid.

I realize that the advice I’m giving here is counter-intuitive. However, here’s why you should avoid these English-speaking girls:

1. You want a date not a “language exchange”

I once went on a date with a girl in Medellin, Colombia. We had met on Tinder and had been messaging in English because my Spanish was non-existent at the time. Anyway, we met up at a pizza place for a date. It was all going OK until I noticed something was off about 30 minutes into the date. We were at a table on the outdoor patio and she was sat as far away from me as possible (I couldn’t even reach her with my big toe to play footsie). She was also very cold and distant; this is very strange for a Colombian girl as they usually are very affectionate and comfortable touching you. She was pretty fluent in English but it seemed her voice was coming from somewhere far away in her head. Like she had had this same conversation before. I asked her: “Have you met many guys on Tinder?” She replied: “Not for dating because I only use Tinder to practice my English”. She even admitted it herself!

She was really boring. The date was boring. I was pissed because I spent 2 hours and $30 on this date. This is what I wished I had done:

2. Be Fluent In “Body Language” Instead

I’ve met many alpha men who kill it in Latin America. And here’s the kicker: they don’t speak any Spanish and they date girls who don’t speak any English. How do they do it? They are forced to communicate with touch straight away. The girls can’t play any games because they can’t communicate with the guy. No whining, no shit tests and no anti-slut defense. How can she put you in the “friend zone” and talk to you about her problems if you don’t even speak the same language?

3. You are no longer the “Golden Ticket”

Latin American girls that are “English groupies” usually harbor dreams of getting out of their third world country and moving to the US, where they think all the houses look like the ones on MTV Cribs. Of course, many girls who don’t know any English also have the same dreams and plans. But you will find many more of these “green card hunters” amongst the girls who know English. Think about it; why do they know English? Because they like it. Why do they like it? Because they want to live in the US or Europe one day.

4. How The West ruined her

Why do you want to go to Latin America and meet girls anyway? What is wrong with the girls in your home country? If you live in the Anglo-Sphere (the US, the UK, Canada, Australia etc.) then you know the answer. Girls can be demanding, bitchy, entitled, delusional, badly dressed, overweight, and have a low opinion of men. Well, those traits are infectious and unfortunately, if a girl from Latin American has spent any significant time in the West, and especially if she is a fan of the culture, then she will have become less feminine than her peers back home. That is why when you ask a girl how she knows English and she answers: “I lived in Toronto/New York for five years.” then you should run a mile. You would think that you could bond over commonalities and pop culture from back home but remember, there is a reason you escaped.

5. Beware the gringo hunter

If you meet a girl who has never taken a formal English course in a language institute but knows some English, then you might wonder to yourself “how did she learn?” This is doubly true if talks dirty English in bed with you.

Uncomfortable truths are hard to swallow my friend – you are far from the first foreigner that she has been with. And once you leave, she will jump on another one. I’ve been present so many times amongst groups of gringos passing around smartphones and sending photos on WhatsApp, asking each other: “Have you banged her?” “What about this one?” If you don’t want to be just another gringo stop on her carousel ride and you are looking for girls with good morals and a lively excitement in their eyes because of the novelty of being with a foreigner for the first time, then you want to avoid these girls.

So there you go. Even though it is counter-intuitive, you should avoid the girls in Latin America who speak English. Remember, what is comfortable and easy is very seldom good for you.

Hasta luego,

El Conquistador

El Conquistador

El Conquistador is a contributor to Swoop the World and Masculine Profiles as well as the author of the Pickup Spanish course.

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