Will the Modern Day Social Justice Warrior, Please Shut Up?

The Social Justice Warrior BrainIs it just me, or is Facebook making everyone behave as if they have spent years studying politics, international relations, journalism, constitutional law and religious texts like an old scholar in the 1400’s who retreated to a monastery high upon some European mountain top, devoting their life’s work to the discovery of truth and understanding of the world around them? I know the radical left has trouble understanding complex problems without resorting to their manual on “how to deal people who disagree with me,” which normally entails accusing their adversary of being a racist, bigot or some kind of *phobic (bonus points if this is a completely made up thing like “transphobia,” who’s afraid of a man in a dress!?). Here is a very simple analogy for these people:

One could imagine the world as a typical high school classroom. Nearly every classroom has at least one bully who keeps beating people up and scaring the rest of the students, pretend that person is radical Islam. We can all remember that bully in high school and we can all agree that bullying someone to get what you want or to control someone emotionally is wrong. For every bully in school there was always some weak individual who would try to be friends with the bully, laugh at their awful jokes and do whatever was necessary to avoid being the target of the bully’s wrath.

Today, that weak pussy is the left. They believe that by being nice to the bullies, they will somehow avoid harm. You might say the true thugs of the classroom are The United States and Israel, but I would then tell you to shut the fuck up and make up your own analogy.

Why is it that every time there is a terrorist attack, people on the left side of the isle trip over each other in a race to the bottom to prove how they are the most tolerant people on earth? When terrorists took over a shopping mall in Kenya in 2013 they weren’t asking the victims if they were tolerant of Islam, they were asking the victims to quote Quran. Guess what happened when one of the hostages could not prove their devotion to the Islamic faith? It wasn’t an accusation of racism and a lesson on the wonders of Islam, diversity and multiculturalism, it was a bullet to the face.

Terrorists, and to a lesser extent, Islamic fundamentalists, do not care whether or not you think their religion is misunderstood. I’m fairly certain they are amused by how quickly liberals will suck up to them. In fact, I think people who are quick to defend Islam should just go ahead and convert. In this way, a social justice warrior can gain membership in yet another Oppressed Minority Group™. They can whine and cry endlessly about the racism and discrimination they’ve suffered since September 11th 2001 (never mind that Islam or Muslim is not a race!).

The truth is, Islamic fundamentalism is incompatible with western values. It is equally incompatible with both conservative western values, and modern liberal social justice warrior values. It is a barbaric and backwards ideology that is incompatible with modern civilized society. Consider the following examples: In Afghanistan, it is considered acceptable to punish adultery with death. In Iran, you had best reserve your penis for ladies only because homosexuality is also punishable by death. In Bangladesh, they are not too keen on bloggers. If you are female, put down those car keys, in Saudi Arabia women aren’t allowed to drive. Ever been raped in Dubai? Well for your sake I hope there were four male witnesses.

At this point you may be saying to yourself yourself, “Hey James, not all Muslims are terrorists. Stop spreading Islamophobia!” to which I would reply, “If you think critics of Islam think all Muslims are terrorists, you need to stop what you’re doing, find the tallest skyscraper in your area and jump off it immediately.”

Here’s a popular comparison some people on the left like to make: “Christianity has done some terrible things to humanity in the past. Remember the crusades anyone?” Guilty as charged… but that was nearly 1,000 years ago. Muslims are beheading people today! Nobody that took part in the crusades is alive today while the world is full of muslims who routinely apply the death penalty to people who haven’t even committed a crime!

Of course many of us have know individuals who happen to subscribe to the Islamic faith but are not terrorists. There is no need to proclaim “It’s not all Muslims,” after each and every terrorist attack. We all know this! Can the left please shut the fuck up with their stories about “this one guy named Muhammed” who is “totally cool?” This may come as a surprise to some, but Muslims are not being dragged out of their homes and executed in civilized western countries.

In another stunning example of left wing stupidity, under the guise of tolerance, social justice warriors took to twitter to protect poor downtrodden muslims when an Islamic teorrist took hostages in a Sydney cafe and executed two innocent people. Instead of showing support for the families of the victims, the twitter sphere exploded in support of Muslims.

Hey retards, don’t you realize that Muslims don’t care if you are willing to sit next to them during an uneventful train ride? Does your offer extend to the Jews or Christians who choose to wear their own religious clothing?

If you’re not Australian, perhaps you don’t understand that most social justice warriors live in majority Caucasian areas where crime is extremely low. They rarely interact with the people they so enthusiastically defend. I wonder why the oh-so-proud social justice warriors don’t spend more time in Western Sydney where actual radicalization is occurring. I’m absolutely positive that no rapes and no beatings will be involved in their “cultural enrichment.”

On a lighter note, why are feminists always overweight, ugly women that are actually proud to label themselves as feminists?

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