How to live “off the grid” on a boat

Off Grid BoatWhat an awesome concept. I haven’t thought about this since regular reader, Aksiom, told us about his plan for a concrete submarine! On the latest episode of Off The Grid Radio, interviewees Ryan and Olivia describe their life living on a boat, sailing the Caribbean and earning a living online. I can’t think of anything that sounds better.

Topics covered include:

  • How to make money with laptop-based businesses a boat
  • What you need on your boat to survive many days away from land
  • How to stay connected with friends and family
  • Why living on a boat is cheaper than living on land
  • What’s missing from life on land

Listen online or download the episode.

Ryan and Olivia also have an awesome website where they have more info on what they do and how they do it. They cover everything from the specs on their boat to growing food and even brewing beer on board! Awesome and inspiring!

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