The Single Dude’s Guide to Survival, Volume 6

The Single Dude's Guide to Survival

‘Down the Barrel of a Gun’

A Real Life Survival Scenario

Chuck is a young professional who committed the retroactive crime of being born of Caucasian parents in a violently diversifying world. His story is below, followed by my analysis.

The Wrong Side of the Tracks

I was twenty or twenty-one and it was late 1997 or early 1998 I was at a friend’s parent’s house that lived in a wealthy suburb but it just so happened that the nearest Blockbuster Video happened to be in a really ghetto area called “Chester, Pennsylvania.” It’s amazing how quickly neighborhoods can turn, sometimes quite literally as you cross the train tracks.

Anyway it was less than five miles drive from my friend’s parents’ $500K+ home in one of the best school districts in the state to this terrible ghetto area where the video store was. It was around seven or eight at night, dark because it wasn’t in the summer but not late at night at all. I went with my friend to rent a video (or maybe it was a game) and as just as I had entered the car, but before I started the engine I heard a tap on the glass and looked up to see a snub nose revolver. The handle was wrapped in tape and/or rubber bands and there was a clearly black male wearing a ski masking telling me to get out of the car.

Terrified, having never looked down the barrel of a gun before, I complied. He and his accomplice nearby demanded money from us. It is true the gun was never pressed directly to my body. My friend gave him the whopping five-dollars he had on him and I, being scared shitless, just handed over my entire wallet. The two of them jumped into a waiting running Plymouth K car with the driver inside and possibly a fourth accomplice and sped off.

Later I became extremely paranoid that the attackers would find my address from my ID and come try to “take out the witnesses” which was an obviously unfounded concern. My wallet was later found less the cash, but with the drivers license and credit cards by some Good Samaritan near a dumpster.

This was also my first experience with big city police. At my naive young age I thought armed robbery was a serious offense rather than a routine fact of life in a place like Chester Pennsylvania, or Camden, or Trenton New Jersey. Even though I had a very good description of the car and a partial plate the police couldn’t seem to care less. They seemed more interested in convincing me that I as the victim of a traumatic crime would not have an accurate memory. I can assure you that I knew the make, model, color and a good estimate of the year of the car along with a partial plate with excellent accuracy. If they gave me five minutes at their DMV computer I could have given them a list of suspects probably including the real attackers but they just couldn’t have cared less.


The Criminals

Here we had three—possibly four—actors, with at least two weapons, a pistol and a car. For two men on foot to rob two men on foot with one gun is very dicey and will fail if at least one of the targets runs away. If there was a fourth person in the car, then his job was to tackle Chuck’s friend if he ran off. Ideally their smartest most calm man has the gun, and the strongest and most aggressive has his flank.

Timing was everything here, with the target needing to be approached while seated, but before his car is started. Chances are the gun only gets fired if the driver attempts to fight, or run over the gunman or his accomplice, or if the passenger attacks the accomplice. These were specialized armed robbers getting dope money. They could have been carjackers, or worse, home invaders looking for a hostage driver.

Unless there is an attempt to resist there should be no shooting or pistol whipping.

Chuck’s Options

Once he was covered by the gun, any attempt to fight would most likely result in him being shot if the gun was functional and loaded, or beaten if the gun was a prop. Seated inside the car, facing two men prepared and keyed up for this while in a state of surprise, is a bad odds situation even if the gun is empty. Then there is the K-car and occupant(s) to consider. Taking the gun, even if a Krav Maga specialist, is not a good idea. The only time to fight in this situation is if they attempt to take you to another location, where you will be killed. If they hijack your car and demand you drive, then slam it into a tree doing 120.

Most people will say that Chuck should just not venture onto the wrong side of the tracks again. The problem with this is that if all suburbanites do this, then most of these robbers will come to your suburban mall. They aren’t going to starve just because you stay home. In any case, the most resourceful of these operators will eventually come to your neighborhood. They had a car, did they not?

The way to address such scenarios is to prevent them through awareness and tactical action. These guys needed a narrow window. Chuck should have:

  1. Noticed them.
  2. Put his hands under the baggy jacket or into the pocket of his sweats to access the weapon therein—even if it was just a pen or a spork.
  3. Nudged his friend and whispered, as if he were planning on murdering the President, “Keep your eye on these guys in the K-car.”
  4. Once inside the store—yes, these robbers spotted Chuck and his friend entering—plans should be made for getting into the car and getting the hell out of there ASAP, including an alternative ‘run like hell for the main road’ default.

If the actors are not spotted until the pair are leaving, then abandoning the car and running is the best bet, considering the impression I get that the actors were more physical than the targets. Note, that if either Chuck or his friend were a muscular, slouch-shouldered man pacing like a caged animal with hands in his pockets looking about from under scowling brows as he waited impatiently for his friend to make the purchase as if he is on a 30 second timer for a kilo-level drug deal, then these guys either go away or crack open a soda pop and wait for the next target to appear.

For this reason, I recommend that any survival-minded male, whenever he is shopping or traveling with a partner, male or female, leave the route, the particulars, and the purchases up to his partner, while he scans the area for enemies, constantly, as if in a war zone. This is how I behave, always, unless I am with a man who is more cagey than I am, then I conduct our business while he prowls about trying to locate the skulking enemy.

This seems bizarre to most. My mother, sister and lady friends are habitually put off by this behavior. My webmaster gets impatient with me refusing to take my seat until he has his keys in the ignition, feeling certain that no attack will come toward two men, no matter how ill-prepared. Some chicks, however, dig the fact, that I always treat them like a head of state, as if I’m their bodyguard. This type of vigilance is seen for what it is by even the most obtuse predators and works far better at deterrence than any factor short of openly carrying a weapon.

The Police and Courts

The thugs would—if they thought to note Chuck’s address—only use it if he managed to have them arrested or served with charges. After the robbery, the only chance that Chuck would face these guys again would be if the police aided him in extending his relationship with his robbers, in which case his personal information would become part of the public record, and one of these thugs would very likely be able to get a hold of his name and address through a court clerk or other public records employee, most of which—in large urban areas—are hired from among the women of the underclass who give birth to and mate with such criminals. In some instances, a savvy criminal will make a counter charge of assault or battery, or even robbery, just so he can get the victim’s personal information on the police report. Currently, all that is needed is your name to locate you for retribution or for applying “stitches to snitches.”

Cops do not go after armed robbers unless there is an injury to the victim, which is another reason for the robbers not to hurt you. So, in this way, selective policing does limit violence. Most armed robbers who are caught, are caught because they injured a victim, and are then found to have previous charges. The fact is every member of the black underclass—including champion athletes—has been robbed at gun or knife point or by a mob at least once. So, when you venture into their haunts those local robbers may have hundreds of successful scores to their credit. The most bold, intelligent and ruthless of their kind will graduate to carjacking, kidnapping, home invasions, murder, and in the export of armed robbery to affluent areas.

Keep in mind that cops who report violent crimes more often than their fellow cops get sanctioned by supervisors hungry for falling crime statistics. They also get positive recognition for drug-related busts. So, in multiple cases that I have studied, poor whites who have been robbed, and affluent whites driving into ghettos who have been robbed, have been assumed by the police to be shopping for drugs, and have sometimes been harassed, arrested, and even beaten by the responding police. One fellow, Mick, was robbed of his money by thugs, then arrested for possession of pot by the cops, who also punched him in the stomach twice and stole some baseball memorabilia [a key chain and necklace] while in custody!


  • Be aware.
  • Be vigilant.
  • Pace, be active.
  • Dress in such a way as to enable concealed weapon carry, even if you do not carry.
  • When with a companion do not let your activity become the primary focus of your mind.
  • Think tactically about all things at all times.

If avoiding getting robbed, mugged, beaten, kidnapped, raped or murdered does not rank high enough on your priority list to make such unusual behavior a habit, then join the herd of victims-in-waiting and, chances are, your number will not come up because there are so many of you, and—for now—so few of them.

James LaFond

Horror and science-fiction author, James LaFond, writes on violence, urban survival, racism, masculinity, boxing, MMA, stick-fighting, fractional autonomy, history and man-whoring, from his ghetto rental in Harm City, U.S.A. His articles are available at You can purchase books by James on and you can follow him on his Facebook page.

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