The Single Dude’s Guide to Survival, Volume 2

The Single Dude's Guide to Survival

Survival Questions Concerning the Previous Post


  1. Why don’t you concealed carry? Is Baltimore one of those liberal shitholes that makes it almost impossible to carry and tries to deprive citizens of their 2nd Amendment rights? If so could you perhaps you can establish an address outside of Baltimore in a county that issues permits more easily. From what I understand of the law permits are granted and issued on the county level but must be recognized at the state level. That info could be wrong or outdated though.
  2. Why don’t you move?
  3. How about a backhand with the wrist bone as the strike point? Straight to the temple should disable and possible even crack the skull and kill. The temple is the thinnest part of the skull. Along with elbow and knee I believe (but don’t know for sure) these are the hardest hitting body parts you can use to strike someone.



Why don’t you concealed carry?

Baltimore is a liberal shithole and anyone who discharges a firearm, including a police officer, is treated as a criminal. I have been told by those I know who do have concealed carry, which is very rare in Baltimore, that the permit is issued by the Maryland State Police, and that one must either be involved in law enforcement, private security, or a line of work (such as being a small business owner) that puts them at high risk for armed robbery. I have personal reason for not having a hand hung: I am a terrible hand-gunner and marksmen with very shaky hands. These tremors that I have had since childhood seem to desert me when fighting and training hand to hand, but remain when I write, eat, use machinery or shoot. I have used a shotgun to defend my family home, but, since becoming a bachelor, have given it away. I prefer blades, meat hooks, and various blunt weapons. I would rather take the added chance of being shot while defending myself with a hand weapon, than to accidentally shoot a housemate, or to kill an intruder. A body on a white man’s hands is the end of his life in this nation. My writing would be shutdown and I’d be persecuted at every level. With a hand weapon I can control damage. My ability with a handgun is such that’s I’d be lucky to hit someone in a hallway, let alone trying to pick a shot outside the killer T.

Why don’t you move? I did move my family out of Baltimore, as one man cannot work and protect three people. I would raise objections to any man who told me he was moving his woman and children into Baltimore City. I moved back into Baltimore for two reasons; to study the onrushing urban decay and welling violence, and so that I could afford to write full-time. Rentals in nice locations would necessitate me working full time and writing only part time. I am the last ember of my large extended family to live in Baltimore City.

How about a backhand with the wrist bone as the strike point? There is a karate blow I have seen that utilizes the wrist bone, but it is in inward torque stroke. I have struck the head with the outside of my wrist when attempting a reverse clothesline sweep, and it has worked. I have also been KO’d twice by an outward lateral hammer fist. If backhanding, I recommend clenching the fist to protect the hand in case one misses with the writs bone and hits with the outside edge of the hand. In fact, the blow as you suggest it would—considering the size of the human head—strike on both the ulna bone where it meets the heel of the hand, and the smallest metacarpal, which is not anchored to the wrist, so flex that backhand so that the muscles of the hand protected that’s small bone. The elbow and knee are the best striking weapons, but require you to enter into grappling distance and also require intensive training. I like them as back up weapons. If your elbow does not take him out you are in the clinch. If your knee fails you are on the floor. I really like elbows and knees for super tall guys. I would not ever have a basketball player punch, but slap and elbow. Punching is a huge hand risk for men over 6 foot 5 inches. I was once slapped in the ear while turning away from an employee I had disciplined. This guy was six eleven, I think. It was a huge hit, which permanently damaged my left ear and lifted my left foot.

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Horror and science-fiction author, James LaFond, writes on violence, urban survival, racism, masculinity, boxing, MMA, stick-fighting, fractional autonomy, history and man-whoring, from his ghetto rental in Harm City, U.S.A. His articles are available at You can purchase books by James on and you can follow him on his Facebook page.

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