The Death of Freedom

Muslim Truck Drivers Refuse to Deliver Beer
I’m not fan of organized religion of any kind but I’m huge fan of freedom. Freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of association, economic freedom and private property rights. Basically any freedom that doesn’t involve theft of or harm to others and/or their private property, I support. Clearly the western world no longer offers any type of real freedom and it has gone completely insane, but in even today’s world where articles in The Onion are often more believable than those in the New York Times, rarely do we find an example that demonstrates so clearly and concisely the depths to which western civilization has sunk.

Only in a world run by complete and total lunatics can muslims refuse to deliver beer for religious reasons and win a $240,000 award in court, while a Catholic couple is fined $13,000 for refusing to host a gay wedding on their own private property for their own religious reasons. How much further can this insanity go? Isn’t it time for open revolt yet?

Muslim truck drivers refuse to deliver beer, win $240,000 lawsuit

Star Transport will pay $240,000 to two Muslim employees who were fired for refusing to deliver alcohol, citing their religious beliefs.

An Illinois jury awarded $240,000 in damages and back pay to two former truck drivers who claimed religious discrimination when they were fired in 2009 after refusing to make beer deliveries. [Read more…]

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