Stunning censorship is now taking place on Google and YouTube

Storm Clouds Gathering is under attack by Google, YouTubeStorm Clouds Gathering is a YouTube channel and website that provides real independent news and along with The Corbett Report, Zero Hedge and few others, it’s one of our favorite independent outlets. Apparently they became too popular and have been doing too much truth telling; and for that high crime, Google is trying to cut them off.

We too have been rejected by AdSense with vague claims from Google about “objectionable content.” What they mean by “objectionable content” is content that challenges the status quo. There is no porn on our site, no gambling and nothing illegal. Obviously our content is not objectionable to advertisers because we get daily emails from companies that want to buy or scam links on our blog. “Objectionable content” is a bullshit term whenever and wherever it is uttered by Google and the elites that control them.

The Burning Platform (and see this, this and this) and Fred on Everything (Fred Reed) have also fallen victim to Google’s blatant censorship.

No article about Google’s rampant censorship would be complete without mention of their monopolistic, anti-competitive practices. You see, according to Google, it’s against their terms of service to sell or purchase contextual links. Perhaps someone smarter than I can explain exactly what AdSense is if it’s not a monopoly market place for the buying and selling of contextual links? Google wants to leave publishes that speak the truth stuck between a rock and a hard place: either give up your advertising revenue or risk getting banned from Google’s search results, or potentially, both.

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