How to Pickup Chicks in Hong Kong

Hong Kong SkylineFor those who like cool, sophisticated Chinese girls who speak great English, Hong Kong is a veritable paradise and a great place to pickup both in the day time and at night. However, if the Chinese look isn’t your thing there will definitely be much better places to spend you hard earned cash (which will disappear rather quickly in Hong Kong) and time.

So, what are the women like?

Most of the girls you’ll meet during day game or night game are Chinese, however, Hong Kong has a particularly nice blend of different girls. On any given night you may also talk to Australian, English, Japanese, Korean and Filipina girls.

Where to go at night?

The best place to start looking for girls at night is in the infamous Lan Kwai Fong (aka LKF) district. If you know anything about Hong Kong, you’ll have heard about LKF. LKF is located in Central and is a 5 minute walk from the MTR. The area itself consists of 3 or 4 streets that are lined with bars and clubs. Most people start the night by drinking from the 7 11s (aka “Club 7,” there are two on either corner of LKF) and this is an excellent place to warm up.

If you travel solo you can also find other guys to hang out with and chicks to talk with. Two of the 3 girls I pulled whilst in HK were from LKF right on the street. If you like day game, but get frustrated by the lack of hot girls in a small area this is the place to go. From 11pm – 3am there will be horny girls all over the streets in LKF.

In terms of clubs there are some good ones in LKF. Déjà vu is usually free (if you bring girls and go early-ish) and can be good on the weekend. Volar is also popular, making it harder to get into. But if you like ‘model’ looking white girls then this is one of the few places you’ll find a lot of them in HK. Other noteworthy clubs are Play, Fly, Levels and Dragon I, but there are also plenty of other options.

Lan Kwai Fong

Lan Kwai Fong

Where to go in the day?

HK is full of shopping malls, with the streets and subways also chock full of beautiful women. Approaching in the day time is extremely rare in Hong Kong, so when you do, you really stand out from the crowd and the girls (usually) genuinely appreciate it. The only time Hong Kong guys approach is when they’re wasted. Typically you can’t be too aggressive or direct with HK girls during the day or else they’ll just get scared. Go for an indirect opener like asking a tourist question and go from there. If the open goes well, always try for an instant date.

Landmark, Harbour and Pacific Place are 3 big shopping malls you can get started with. However, it’s not uncommon to be asked to leave by security if you’re not subtle. You need to improve your game if this happens. Good game doesn’t look like game. Don’t worry, University and anywhere in Central and Wan Chai you can game till you’re blue in the face, most people are too busy with their own lives to care about you talking to girls.

Top nights of the week

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are all pretty quiet when it comes to the nightlife. There will still be tourists out in LKF on these days, but in general, you will have more luck storming the beaches and shopping malls on Sunday and day game on Mon and Tues. Wednesdays in Hong Kong is Wan Chai Wednesday. This is typically a younger crowd, many of whom already know each other but are still open to being hit on and aren’t too cliquey. The street game at night is good and many people just hang outside Club 7 and are very easy to open. There are a lot of teenagers and early twenties British expats, many of whom are also DTF. Wednesday is also ‘lady’s night’ which means a good ratio of girls to guys.

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Wan Chai

Then on Thursdays its Lady’s Night again but this time in LKF. Many local girls go out, but aren’t out late since they have to work on Friday. Many will still be down to bang if you live close by and of course there’s always the tourists and the (f)unemployed. Fridays and Saturdays, like any major city around the world, are rammed and LKF will absolutely come alive. A good option that always worked well for me was meeting on the street at Club 7, pulling to a club and then bouncing home, with the venue changes working well to cement a feeling of togetherness between you and your girl.

What to wear

Like a lot of nouveau riche countries, in Hong Kong dressing smart means you are wealthy so girls are generally easier to open if you look sharp. This is as opposed to the US or the UK where dressing sharp just means you’re moderately wealthy with the ultra-rich and cool (understanding conspicuous consumption and decision fatigue) usually wearing simple clothes that aren’t necessarily status symbols. Overall in HK, smarter and sharper is better and if you can get girls to buy-into your Abercrombie and Fitch stereotype then you’ll also do well.

Gaming Chinese girls

Some guys say that there is a large distinction between gaming different girls. But within Asia I would say that there isn’t. In the day time you have to mellow it out a little, and approaching with an indirect opener can work well. Strangely however, in the club anything less then direct (and often grabby) approaches often don’t get noticed. Yes, when local Hong Kong guys get drunk they are typically more aggressive, but unsophisticated about approaching girls.

Drawbacks of Hong Kong

Despite the abundance of good looking girls, there is a distinct lack of stunners. If you do see one at night time, likelihood is she’ll be surrounded by rich Chinese men who can be protective. Your best chances for a stunner are private parties or roaming the upper-class shopping malls where the girls don’t come with an entourage of chodes. As I mentioned before, almost no one approaches in the day time, so although she may be taken aback initially, even doing the approach demonstrates tons of confidence and you have very good chances if your game is on point.

Another downside is the price. Getting a place in HK can be expensive. If you want to be close to the action (Central or Wan Chai) then best bet is to jump on Airbnb or find a Facebook Group and see if anything suits your budget. Expect to pay $800+ per month for a grotty apartment close to the action. Further out, like mid-levels, or even Kowloon and you can get somewhere bigger, for cheaper.

However, as a single dude, you may be better off to rent something small (and dingy) as close to LKF as possible. Multiple times I was able to pull girls back to my apartment (a thirty second walk) where I may have lost her if I would have had to involve a taxi. It also meant going out 5 times per week instead of 2-3.

Hong Kong is similar in a way to Singapore, except HK has significantly more style and culture. The streets are more rowdy and fun in HK and you can generally get away with more in HK. There is still a massive abundance of business and banking guys but they aren’t generally ‘banging the guns’ with cold approaches. Most will be at tables bored out of their minds so you won’t have to worry about competing with them.

The worst thing in terms of game in HK is cock-blocking guys who are friends with the girls. They often have absolutely no chance themselves but find it their duty to slut shame their girlfriends enough into not dancing or leaving with you or simply grabbing the girl and moving her when you approach. Shame on you guys. A wise man once said, “bless that which you desire,” for me this means pimping out the girls I’m with to other guys, even if I’m sleeping with them already. This demonstrates pure abundance to the girls and subconsciously makes it easier to approach super hot girls with other cool guys. Read the book Sex At Dawn to understand this mindset better.

These friend-zoned-cock-blockers would have a much better chance of getting some ‘pussay’ if they pimped their own chicks out to other guys. Then again after the video of a Western guy taking a girl away from her boyfriend (and him being too passive to do anything) went viral in HK (and other Asian countries) many of the guys feel like they need to stand up for themselves a little more.


Deciding on whether or not you make the trip to Hong Kong in search of girls really depends on your tastes and your budget more than anything else. There are a few other things to see and do (a trip to The Peak is essential) and overall HK has a cool, friendly and safe vibe about it.

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