What I’ve Learned About Western Women While Living in Thailand

Beautiful, friendly, smiling, Thai girlsSome men realize the difference between Western women and women from more traditionally oriented cultures before they join the dating game. Others learn it the hard way, realizing it much later.

I was one of the guys who had to learn it the hard way. I spent my teenage years together with a German woman. To say that our relationship was quite toxic would be the understatement of the century. Her emotional ups and downs drove me nuts and her constant complaints made me doubt that living in a harmonic relationship with a woman was even possible.

I was faced with the same dilemma that thousands of other men have faced, I didn’t question the status quo and quietly assumed that this is simply the way things are. I had absolutely no idea that there were continents full of loving, caring and supportive women who don’t create drama at every possible opportunity.

A short trip to Poland was responsible for the first cracks in the rose-colored glasses that I wore courtesy of my Western upbringing. A subsequent three month trip to Thailand was sufficient to smash those rose-colored glasses into a thousand tiny pieces.

I finally saw the other part of the world and its women for what they really are. I didn’t see it with the eyes of a biased man who has been conditioned by western society to believe that all Eastern European and Asian women are prostitutes who only want money. I saw it as a man with an open heart and an unbiased mind; as a man who was ready for the truth.

The truth that I discovered is not something that the Western media and society wants you to know…

The Grass Really is Greener On the Other Side

It is true. The grass really is greener on the other side. While the metaphorical dating grass is dry and withered in the West, it is juicy and green on the other side of the world. It must be because of the cultural fertilizer that either helps women to shine in their own femininity, or that transforms them into men.

Before I spent several months in the land of smiles I thought that it was normal for women to behave like men, to make fun of their boyfriends in public and to not care about family values as long as the salary at their corporate job is sufficient to buy a new blazer every month.

In Thailand I met girls who told me that the family is the most important thing for them, that they consider it normal to take care of their boyfriend and to make him happy. Words can’t describe the positive emotions that I felt when I first heard this. Words also can’t describe the shocked faces that I gazed upon, when I told them about the “family values” of some Western women. I cant’t say that all Western women are bad, but in general the grass on the other side really is greener.

A Direct Comparison Shows the Obvious Differences

By just looking at and talking to beautiful Thai girls I already realized the difference. The feminine behavior, the feminine look and the incredible warmth that I wasn’t used to were all indicators that things were different in other parts of the world.

However, the day I fully understood the magnitude of these differences was when I went out with a group of Western people and Thai people. There were two Thai girls and two American girls in this group and the difference between them couldn’t have been more obvious.

While I had a really pleasant conversation with the two gorgeous and incredibly friendly Thai girls, it was really exhausting to talk to the two American girls for more than ten minutes. I wouldn’t even call it a conversation. It was an argument during which they become loud and disrespectful whenever I refused to agree with them. Not to mention that the American girls were fat while their Thai counterparts were slender and beautiful; probably because the American’s guzzled coke at a rate that others only drink water. The direct comparison between traditional Asian girls and Western girls, who probably get laid left and right back home, was really scary. For the first time I realized that I didn’t really want to go back to where I came from.

Western Women are Well Aware of their Inferiority

One really interesting fact that you will observe when you are in a country like Thailand is that Western women are aware that men prefer friendly, supportive and feminine women when given the choice.

You have only to look in the faces of Western couples who decided to spend their vacation in a city like Bangkok. He is busy gazing at all the slim and gorgeous Thai girls while he holds the hand of his obese western dragon. With eyes like daggers she signals to every beautiful girl who dares to make the slightest glance in her boyfriends direction that she will rip her eyes out should she venture any closer.

Even though I have met only one terribly obese American woman who was naïve enough to ask me why it is so hard for her to date in Bangkok, 99% of Western women know that they are inferior to most non-western women.

Shaming is a Just an Attempt to Persuade You

If Western women didn’t understand that the majority of men would choose an agreeable, feminine foreign woman over a grumpy, obese, masculine Western woman, they wouldn’t shame foreign girls at every opportunity; it’s really that simple.

Why do you think Western women tend to argue that all foreign women are prostitutes, gold diggers and mail order brides? They wouldn’t even see the need to speak ill of foreign women if they weren’t afraid that their beloved boyfriends and husbands might wake up one day and realize that they made a terrible mistake. Their own insecurities force them to defend themselves by belittling others. We all know that the best defense is a strong offense.

Do you know what I do every time a frustrated Western woman talks badly about foreign women?

I look into the eyes of my beautiful Thai girlfriend and give her a kiss.

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  • LeonardoDeecaprio

    Western women have no business in bangkok or any other asian market. I see western slobs and hippies roaming around the areas like third world citizens looking fully out of place. No man is noticing them, no man is there for them. I just look and laugh. “Why are you here?” Then the poor saps who actually bring their girlfriend or wife to Thailand the look is priceless. You know by his face he’s in hell, she’s in hell but their both acting like cool observers watching everyone else have the time of their lives. lol Western women jus stay out of Thailand. You don’t belong there. No one wants you there. Stop ruining everyone’s time with your presence.

  • anon

    You want women not to disrespect you, but you’ll happily disrespect them… (‘obese dragons’)

    It sounds like you just want someone nice-looking who ornament your home and massage your ego without particularly piping up (am I wrong?) – no mention of what they’re getting from the relationship.

    Anyone who stereotypes and insults as you have is not precisely a catch.

  • Corus Centurion


  • jomu

    Look. women are like pets. if you spoil them, they become spoiled…it’s not even their fault. Women are passive, they have no wisdom. All wisdom and culture comes from men. All wise men of all religions always knew that…You see: Feminism was never a woman’s movement. It was invented by very powerful royal men who wanted to enslave all men and women in the world. But you can’t enslave a society which is full of strong families – a society where every man is married to a woman and owning land…

    So the gang of bad royal men needed to destroy families FIRST to get what they want. What do the royals want? Well they want to take all the common men’s land, they want the common men to slave for their corporations, and they want the common men’s wifes and daughters. The want the ugly women to slave for them and the pretty ones to fukk…

    So the royals took away the men’s rights, forced men to pay a lot of taxes and gave the women many free services: Clean roads, police protection, welfare, healthcare etc. Further they changed the laws so women could easily divorce their men and take the common men;’s wealth. As a conclusion, women left their men, because they did not NEED their husbands anymore to survive. Remember, women are like pets, like cats. They go to whoever feeds them. They have no conscience, most of them anyway. If they get housing, food and security without needing to obey a husband, then they will live alone. They only do what they need to do…

    And that’s how it turned out after one century of feminism in the West. Most men have become landless slaves to the royal billionaires, and most women have become landless slaves too. But the women aren’t giving the common men what they are supposed to, because they don’t need to. And this is not going to change UNTIL the common men in the West are standing up and stop serving the royal billionaires. Until the common men force a revolution and take back their power, their freedom and their land. Once they achieve that then the women will automatically serve the common men again, just like in the past. Because the women serve whoever feeds them. If there is no more government that blackmails all the money, goods + services from the common men and hands it over to the women, then the women will have no choice but going back to live with the common men and give them what the men want.

    The Asians just never quite fell for that trick of the Western royals. Asian men mostly resisted. The Asian men maybe physically weaker, but in the heart they have more courage. They have RESISTED against feminism. Asian women MUST be nice to their men, or they get nothing. Or they starve. That’s how simple it is. Western men are WEAK, They may have big muscles and big dicks, but small hearts to defend and resist against the royal billionaires. Western men HAVE ALLOWED the royals to take away their land, their rights and their women…That’s really weak.

    • Jackie Wilson Fan

      Well said…

    • Ted Wong

      Well said, great great post

    • 32 Orb

      Said a wise man.

  • Roby W Esq

    Hahaha I have also seen this first hand. Check the Tinder Game out in BKK. Youll see some LB’s and Pros, but when you stumble across a western girl she will likely have a rant in her profile that stipulates white men only, no asiaphiles or whatever derogatory term for men who like women who dont look like her, and probably a rant or two about how shes not just there to hook up.

    Dating in the west is silly. Traveling abroad should be done by every man just to wake them up so they are not ok with settling for the western dating culture.

    The western woman’s defense to this is to label any man who dates internationally as a sex tourists or a pervert who cant get a girl back home, when that is not the case at all! Never had to pay for companionship abroad and likely never will. Stay fit, stay friendly, and stay interesting. Best way to do that is not settle for mediocre treatment from sub standard partners. You cant soar with the eagles if you are hanging out with turkeys.

    You, as a man, are the prize. You have potential to do so much better than the golden corral trough fed ham beast you are currently plowing. If you are settling for a western woman who treats you badly, or ANY woman who treats you badly you need to leave. Dont ever be afraid to be alone, because being alone lets you travel, grow, and decide for yourself who you are. Relationships force you to meld personalities with someone else, and if that someone is someone worthless what are you really doing? Melding with a worthless person.

  • Pemba Sherpa

    YES!!!! Now lets read some whining 3 2 1 …

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