University of Alabama Alpha Phi sorority video draws scorn from liberals, feminists, social justice warriors and other undesirables

I must say it fills my heart with not just to watch a video like this full of young, hot college girls frolicking in the sun and behaving in an ultra feminine fashion but the real joy is in the contempt coming from liberals, feminists, social justice warriors (SJWs) and other undesirables (read: loser emasculated men and fat women). Seeing a video like this even gives me some hope for American girls after all.

Unfortunately, you all probably know how this ends, some loud mouthed fatties whined and cried about “racial diversity,” “sexism,” and whatever other invented charges they were able to makeup this week and the video was taken down. One even went so far as to say the video is “worse for women than Donald Trump.” Wow, imagine that, worse for women than… The Donald!

The video was viewed over half a million times in one week before being taken down from the sorority’s YouTube channel, but is still available elsewhere.

Fortunately it’s already out there on the net so let’s all do our part to spread it around, like the video and leave positive comments. Download it, save it, re-upload it, share links, etc. Let these mentally deranged social justice warrior psychopaths know that they do not represent the majority. Let’s drive this thing to hundreds of millions of views, millions of likes and hundreds of thousands of positive, supportive comments.


Now some replacement copies of this video have a “content warning?!?!” WTF!?! SJWism is out of control!

YouTube censorship to appease feminists

YouTube censorship to appease feminists

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