Is prostitution now socially acceptable among upper middle class western women?

Upper Middle Class Prostitute, Helen Croyden
It certainly seems that way according to the article, “Why should I be ashamed of sugar daddy dating?”. The author, Helen Croydon, who appears to be writing under her real name and proudly displaying a real portrait of herself at the top of the article, describes herself as a “television producer” who “fantasized about someone older, more sophisticated, more established.” She goes on to describe how in her late twenties she dated older men in exchange for “brown envelopes [full of cash]” and “Prada shopping trips,” but goes on to argue that this isn’t prostitution but rather an “ideal modern relationship.” I don’t know, envelopes of cash in exchange for dates? That sounds like prostitution to me!

Here are some highlights from the article, you be the judge:

“In return for a no-strings but mutually beneficial relationship, the women who sign up can get to be treated like a lady, showered with gifts, taken on all-you-can-buy shopping sprees, and enjoy meals at the best tables in town.”

“But then I learnt that one of my dates – a handsome 45-year-old energy trader – paid all the other girls he went out with for the evening. The non-exclusivity didn’t bother me – but I felt a mug for providing for free what he would have been willing to pay for.”

“My dates began offering gifts – and monthly cash allowances – to see them on a more regular basis.”

“…it dawned on me that paying to go on a date was a more honest way to conduct a non‑committal relationship.”

“Receiving money or gifts from your date is his way of saying “I like you, I want to spend time with you, I want to sleep with you, but I’m not prepared to meet your family or go to Ikea with you on a weekend”. His financial investment assuages his guilt that he can’t emotionally invest.”

“A French man invited me to dinner and offered to give me £500 for my time.”

“Then I accepted a trip to New York with a fortysomething Canadian property investor. … At his insistence, I travelled first class. … He took me to Prada and bought so much that I had to buy another suitcase.”

“It took me 18 months of receiving gifts in return for my company before I accepted money – or an “allowance”, as it is known on the sugar daddy sites.”

“I had two more sugar daddies after him. The first was a wonderful Malaysian divorcé who visited London four times a year and wanted a travel companion.”

“I had also become closed to the idea of ever having a real, loving or lasting relationship.”

“There is a transactional element to every relationship. An exchange of time and energy for intimacy at one end of the scale, and the exchange of sex and money on the other.”

Helen claims her “sugar daddy” days are over but is now trying to cash in on her whoring a second time around by hawking her new book ‘Sugar Daddy Diaries’. Is it me or does the collapse of western society seem to be accelerating? The other question on my mind is, don’t these schmucks know about Eastern Europe? Why would anyone pay to date this mediocre chick?

UPDATE: Here’s another article from the John’s perspective (the title is misleading): This sugar daddy will pay you $100,000 to date him

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