Inspired by Kiran Gandhi to Raise Awareness

Kiran Gandhi, mentally ill feministI just read yesterday about how this, strong, independent, feminist, Kiran Gandhi, ran a whole marathon with period blood running down her legs to “to raise awareness about women who have no access to feminine products and to encourage women to not be embarrassed about their periods.”

Inspired by this noble effort I have decided to piss my pants all week and just walk around in public to “raise awareness for those that have no access to toilets.” At the end of the week I may even shit myself for the grand finale. The following week I’m planning to walk around with my dick hanging out of my pants to raise awareness for those that cannot afford condoms, or as feminists might say, for “reproductive rights.”

Just kidding; what a sick disgusting display of feminist mental illness this is. I see based on this lunatics bio that the quality of the affirmative action admissions at Harvard Business is school is in steady decline. Not to mention she’s an excellent candidate to help prove the rule about the attractiveness of Indian women. What a worthless attention whore.

Kiran Gandhi, disgusting, mentally ill feminist

Happy to help raise awareness for this disgusting, mentally ill feminist, Kiran Gandhi

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