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Ask The Single DudeThe Single Dude Travel Team has made a decision that we want to do more to help fellow single dudes (and ladies) to accomplish their goals in life and to live happier, more free and more fulfilling lives. We also want to expand the SDT Team and hope that by donating some of our time and energy we may be lucky enough to attract some new team members.

Do you have a question or a problem in your life that we might be able to help with? Just send us an email. We we will respect your anonymity if requested and as long you agree that we may post our response as a blog post and/or YouTube video. As long as your question can be answered with thirty minutes or less worth of effort our advice is absolutely free to you. If you have an in depth problem perhaps we can make an even exchange, for example, maybe you could contribute some quality content. Whatever issue you have, we will give you our best thoughts and advice and if we don’t know we will tell you straight up.

Our contributors have knowledge and expertise (to varying degrees) in the following areas and more:

Just because we haven’t written an article about it yet, don’t assume we don’t know how to do it. Tell us what you’re struggling with or what you’re curious about and we’ll give you the best advice we can. If we don’t know the answer we’ll tell you and and at least try to point you in the right direction. If you take one look at the state of the world it should be obvious to you that the more we can form alliances with like minds, share knowledge and methods the better off we’ll be in this increasingly insane world.

Don’t need advice on anything but want to contribute? Contact us, we’re always happy to have quality guest posts and we’re happy to help you promote your website or other project.

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