A Saudi Arabian goes to Kiev

Saudi Arabian Flag

Received this e-mail yesterday, too funny not to publish.

From: amanullaha
Date: Tue, Jun 30, 2015 at 12:37 PM
To: postmaster@mail.hotmail.com, contact@singledudetravel.com

Hello Sir

My name is aman i plane visit to kiev i need single dude for 4 days. If you send me some pictures with her data and her fee par day. And our single dude must knew English good looking.

Best regards

Cell no. 00966 XXXXXXXXX

Can anyone help him out with a single dude in Kiev with daily rates? And while on that note, check out “The Kingdom in the Closet.”

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  • Majestic77

    I am from Saudi Arabia, and I have two possibilities for the mentioned guy

    A- He thinks dude is a guy who is a wingman and provides wingman services to travelleres…
    B- He thinks Dude is a pimp

    Mostly it will be choice A, and as Hammer mentioned, this guy is not an Arab but he might be residing here…. The name indicates anywhere from Afghanistan to far south Indonesia…..But not from the ME

  • splooge

    i think he wants a wingman or where him the single dude wants to do. Hes obviously going for women if it was guys then hed go western europe lol

  • Teedahammer

    I am a Saudi Arabian so I’ll try to analyze this for you lol.
    Despite the fact that it is funny but the name doesn’t sound like a saudi name at all it sounds mostly like an Asian or Indian, plus that the fact that Saudis can’t go to Ukraine without a visa and it requires an invitation letter which not available for anyone.
    Mostly he thinks dude means a girl or something lol.
    But you should try to help him anyway lol.

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