Single Dude Comedy: Russell Peters Parties in Lebanon

I always enjoy fun travel party stories, and so I wanted to share this funny story from Russell Peters about going to a party in Lebanon in a bomb shelter.

I have never been to the middle east outside of Dubai (which sucks) but I have had many great party friends over the years from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Turkey, and other places in the Middle East and those guys are great to party with. I know the Koran says to not party too much but every time I go to the club and see some young middle eastern dudes with popped collars partying with bottle service, I always go say hello, and always find them to be super cool, very nice, and very fun to party with.

When Russell Peters says he had the time of his life partying in Lebanon, I believe him and it makes me really want to go for a visit. How about our loyal readers, do you dudes have any suggestions for Middle Eastern partying?

Charlie Bushmeister

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