SDT Travel Adivsory: American citizens should get extra passport pages while they still can, the US Department of State is eliminating extra pages as of 2016!

US Department of State
That’s right, the scum sucking, shit-heel parasites in the US Department of State have made the lives of US citizens worse yet again. It’s bad enough that these worthless government drones charge you $82 just for some worthless paper that used to be free but now they’re eliminating the option to add pages all together; what a load of shit! Why does this suck?

  1. Getting a new passport takes time while adding pages can be done on the spot in many (or is it all?) US embassies
  2. Getting a new passport is more expensive, $82 versus $110
  3. Waiting for a renewal could leave you stranded in a foreign country
  4. An application for a new passport could always be denied (who knows when or for what reason the evil US Government might want to further restrict the ability of its citizens ability to travel internationally)

The moral of this short story is to go get the extra pages while you still can and make sure that you check the box to get 48 instead of 24 pages. There is some disinformation floating around on the net about this but we know for a fact you can add at least 48 pages to a larger 52 page passport simply upon request. Some are even saying that you can add 24 more pages to a 52 page book that already had 48 pages added, although we have not been able to verify this.

If you feel like wasting your energy making a “formal comment” about this bullshit, you can do so here. The US Department of State hasn’t bothered to mention this on their website (update: now they did), nevertheless, eliminating extra pages is still most definitely in the works for January 1, 2016. Get em while you can!

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