#CallHimBruce: Bruce Jenner is not a woman and he never will be!

Bruce Jenner is not a Woman

I know I’m late to the party on this one but I just want to put it down in writing that I’m in support of the few people who still have the balls to call this spade a spade! Ten years ago I never would have thought that even in the sick, deranged, delusional United States an award for “courage” would be given to a man for cross dressing and having fake boobs implanted on his chest along with some other equally disturbing surgical procedures. What the fuck America? You find a new way to make yourselves the butt of the world’s jokes every day. You really are the village idiot on this planet. This is a total fucking disgrace.

"Courage" and "Bravery" - Bruce Jenner

“Courage” and “Bravery”

To be clear, as staunch Libertarians we at Single Dude Travel support the right’s of individuals to do as they please. However, when an individual decides to go public, we also support the public’s right to free speech. In this case it’s the public’s right to call today’s sick, deranged “celebrities” out on whatever crazy bullshit they cooked up to make a buck on the latest reality TV show.

Only in the sick, twisted, delusional world of the modern social justice warrior (SJW) are you born gay while at the same time you can choose your gender. I’m willing to grant that maybe most or even all gay people are born with a proclivity toward being gay, but you know what else I’m willing to grant? One hundred fucking percent of men who were born men are men. If you are a man, feeling like you are a woman does not make you a woman and neither does chopping your dick off! That just makes you a mutilated man in a dress. If I “feel” like a dolphin should a doctor indulge me in my desires to look like one with radical surgeries? Of course not!

While I do support the rights of individuals to do whatever they want as long as they are not harming others or the private property of others, I do question the morals of any “doctor” that is willing to mutilate the mentally ill in order to indulge the “patient” in their delusions and line their own pockets. Transgendrism (is that even a word?) is a mental disorder and it should be treated as such.

This sickness must be stopped because right now, because up next are “transgendered” children. It’s already here, in fact. This can only be described as severe child abuse.

I could go and on but it’s already be done far better than I could by Matt Walsh in his two articles, “Calling Bruce Jenner a Woman Is an Insult to Women,” and “Bruce Jenner Is Not A Woman. He Is A Sick And Delusional Man.” I can’t say I’m a fan of Walsh because he’s a complete religious nutjob, but I have to give him credit where credit is due; whenever he writes about anything besides religion or abortion he’s almost always one hundred percent on the money. (I’ll even go so far to say that I share his extreme distaste for late-term abortions, it’s the all out abortion ban he desires and his religious ramblings that I can’t deal with).

If video rants are more your style, watch Christopher Greene of AMTV tell it like it is in the video below. Bruce Jenner is nothing more than a mentally ill attention whore engaging in a publicity stunt to make money just like his fat-assed whore daughters. Fuck the Jenners and fuck the Kardashians.

UPDATE: Two more must read articles on this topic by Gavin McInnes:Trans Fixed and Transphobia Is Perfectly Natural. Note that you will have to find the tiny “Continue” link at the bottom of the page to read “Transphobia Is Perfectly Natural.” Apparently Thought Catalog is run by a bunch of politically correct, pussy faggots that do not support free speech. Here is a pastebin just in case you’re having trouble, this one is really worth reading!

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  • Kelsey

    I know a transmale and a transfemale, both are feeling happier with themselves as they transition further. They are people and why should someone be forced to suppress a strong feeling about their identity their entire life just so people aren’t disgusted by them?
    They are not crazy, they don’t go chopping their dicks off because being trans is a trend, they actually feel like women inside. It takes a long time to transition, so if it turns out that the original thought was an impulse, was crazy, or was confused they still have their dicks! Nobody cuts their dick off until they are ready and mentally a woman.
    Also, mental illness treatment in America is “treating” a personality trait with pills to make that person consistent with society. There are some wackos out there but they aren’t being wackos to make you feel uncomfortable, they’re being wackos because they’re wackos. And some of those wackos can teach you more than you expect.

  • Perpetual Infidel

    I don’t share your opinion… My believe is that every person has a right to do what ever they wish as long they don’t physically harm anyone during the process. If the wish to mutilate their bodies (plastic surgeries, tattoos, piercing) or kill them-self, it’s their freedom to choose (as long they are not mentally ill beyond a doubt). I may not agree with their choice, however, it’s their freedom to choose to do so.
    What I really hate though, is putting these people on pedestal. It’s seems like every single TV show needs to have a gay people in them. I am sick of gay parades and of what’s going on during them. It’s like it is our duty to celebrate weirdness / genetic disorder in this P/C world.

    • ProudlyUnaffiliated

      Solution: turn off the TV. Or, better, send it to the landfill. Then the queerness ends.

    • Toots Mootsy

      You’re confusing ‘freedom’ with SIN. Jenner gave in to his sinful desires. We all have them. — ‘For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God’ Romans 3: 23 If I say I have the urge to steal and then say I was born this way and then go ahead and steal from you , it’s the same thing. This country is in big trouble. People have traded biblical truths for politically correct liberal ‘freedom’. Live in Christ… the true Freedom and turn your hearts away from your natural desires of sin. Bruce Jenner is a man !

  • This whole news and hype is to keep us away from what the US government is really doing.

    They are planning Martial Law and putting military all over the America.

    I’m not even American and I follow alternative news and its all over the place…..

    Why are not Americans WAKING UP to the presence of military right on their front lane in the name of Jade Helm?

    Common Wake Up people….Something Huge is coming to America…..No fear Porn here….but this BJ story is clear distraction

    • Well.. I have kind of a lot to say in response to that.

      First, I generally agree with you that the US is descending in to complete and total chaos, that’s for sure. However, I am not sure that this “Jade Helm” thing is going to be it. Don’t get me wrong, every military exercise on US soil is disturbing, but this isn’t the first even if it’s the biggest (is it?).

      I agree that this Jenner circus is not nearly as important as the collapse of the financial system, but it’s not like we haven’t discussed that before also. Besides, I think it’s important enough to weigh in on. The destruction of the culture, the family, morals, etc. is part of the collapse to. These liberal lunatics are literally changing the language and with it reality itself. We have to stand up against this bullshit. Plus, when they start talking about “transgender” and “children” in the same sentence you know it’s time to speak up for what’s right!

      The real collapse is surely coming and probably sooner rather than later but exactly when I don’t know. This summer? Maybe. I’ve been the boy who cried wolf since the collapse of 2008 so I’m not placing bets this time around. Frankly, I’m shocked that things have muddled along this long.

      • ProudlyUnaffiliated

        Amen, brother Manuel!

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