Your relationship isn’t complicated… you’re just a bitch

Facebook Dislike Complicated Relationship StatusEvery time I see that “is in a relationship and it’s complicated” status message it pisses me off. What a completely unnecessary thing to do. There are few different types of relationships one might be in: committed, open, married, single, etc. “Complicated” isn’t one of them. Advertising to the world that you’re “in a relationship and it’s complicated” is just another way of saying all of the following:

1.) I want to emotionally torture my partner and make them feel insecure.

2.) I’m a whore, even though I want to keep my partner under my thumb, to some degree I would like to advertise to the world that I’m open for sexual advances from every schmuck that follows me on Facebook.

3.) I am too emotionally immature to make a decision about whether or not I want in or out of this relationship.

Now just because I’m using the terminology “bitch,” doesn’t mean I’m only talking about women, although women are definitely a lot more likely to torture their partner like this. No, by all means, if you are a guy and you set this status on your Facebook you are definitely a bitch too, not to mention a total pussy.

Next time you are considering using broadcasting that “complicated” status, consider having some integrity and doing one of the following:

1.) Cut and paste this to your status: “is a huge bitch”.

2.) Just break up with your significant other and let them get on with the rest of their life.

Leading your significant other on like this will absolutely destroy them emotionally. What kind of a person would do that to someone they supposedly “like” or even “love”? Seriously, you people with the “it’s complicated” shit are complete scum. On the other hand, thanks for warning us that you are completely unworthy of ever dating for any reason.

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