Protip for Coffee Lovers: The AeroPress

AeroPressHave you heard of the AeroPress? It’s made by the Aerobie company, makers of those amazing flying disc things that would always get stuck on a roof or in a tree within 5 minutes of opening the package because they fly so far. (Interesting combination right? Like a shop that specializes in tuxedo rental and bowling ball repair). With so many coffee maker options out there ranging in price from $5 to tens of thousands of dollars the Aeropress really stands out among them. Why?

  • It’s cheap: Only $29 on Amazon (what a bargain!).
  • It’s small: Easy to travel with, very small and lightweight.
  • No electricity required: Great for camping or the end of the world as we know it.
  • Makes excellent coffee: Think of it like a hand powered Clover coffee machine ($11,000 before the assholes at Starbucks bought them out and took them off the market). OK you will never reach the same pressure as the machine but the rest of the brewing process is almost identical.
  • Serious coffee snob friendly: Like the Clover machine, you can easily control the water temperature and the duration that the water is in contact with the beans.

Obviously this isn’t going to get a you a cup of coffee that’s 100% as good as >=$10,000 machines, but considering that it’s less than 0.003% of the price, it’s a damn fine alternative. The AeroPress isn’t new but not that many people have heard about it in my experience. As a diehard coffee addict, I’ve found myself traveling with my AeroPress more and more often, especially after visiting places with terrible coffee like the Philippines and Uruguay. Not every country can live up to the standards of Vietnam or the Netherlands, dudes. If you depend on that morning brew to start your day right, you need to add an AeroPress to your tool kit.

Bonus Protip: Ditch the paper filters that come with it and get a high quality stainless steel reusable filter from Able Brewing Company. It makes even better coffee and it’s less shit to carry. I prefer the normal filter but you may prefer the fine filter.

Happy brewing!

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