Stop following mainstream media and mainstream politics right now!

Devil Spawn, Hillary ClintonI know we’re becoming like a broken record over here but every time the United States Presidential Election Freak Show Circus comes town it’s more disgusting and horrifying than the last time around. When will you people learn? After 8 catastrophic years of Bush followed by 8 more equally horrifying years of Odumbass you morons are still clapping like trained seals for Team Red or Team Blue. What the hell is wrong with all of you? The fact that Hillary Clinton is being floated as a serious candidate causes me to completely loose all faith in western civilized society as we know it. At least with Ojackoff, he was a relative unknown, a nobody really, he appeared on the scene as if he fell out of the sky and most people just didn’t know that much about him. But Hillary has a record of uncountable scandals, lying, corruption, law-breaking and complete and total incompetence that has been on open display even in the mainstream media. The only notable achievement she’s made in her entire life was marrying Bill Clinton. Not only that but she’s a pro war crony capitalist if there ever was one which is supposed to be anti-thesis of the Democratic party. The rest of the jerkoff candidates undoubtedly will not be much better but for someone that has such a public record of criminality and incompetence to even be suggested as a serious candidate turns my stomach. The fact that this disgusting old hag has the audacity to run strains credulity.

Enough of that though, what prompted me to write this article was a piece I saw over at The Thrive Movement’s website. First and foremost, I think Foster Gamble does an excellent job of explaining that “left” and “right” are wrong and wrong. Neither conservative (right) nor liberal (left) political ideologies promote any kind of true freedom, morality or non-aggression. You need to look to libertarians, voluntaryists and anarchists or anarcho-capitalists for that. I basically agree with everything he writes in this article except his conclusion that it’s a worthwhile endeavor to follow the mainstream media at all on either the left or the right. If you’re trying to be some kind of an independent journalist then yes you need to adsorb and dissect this dreck for your audiences, that’s your job. But if you are not a journalist why even waste your time with those lies, it’s pointless. Find yourself some good independent news sources like The Corbett Report, Ben Swann, The Daily Bell, Zero Hedge or one of the thousands of other honest independent bloggers and journalists out there and use those to stay informed. It’s the job of real, honest journalists to dissect expose the lies of the mainstream media for the general public to see.

The Two Party System by Ben Garrison

The Two Party System by Ben Garrison

If you insist on living in the United States, don’t vote at all or if you insist on voting, vote for a true, independent third party candidate. Voting for “the lessor of two evils” has done nothing but run the country into the ground. Still better yet I believe is to opt out of this corrupt, cancerous system. Pull a John Galt. Quit your job, move abroad, pursue a second passport and eventually renounce your citizenship. The United States passed the point of no return quite some time back and is headed for certain collapse due to unsustainable debts and an unsustainable socialist welfare state. If you cannot see this you are innumerate like all of these pathetic morons clamoring for a $15 minimum wage (they say #FightFor15, I say #FightForNumeracy). Stop being part of your own demise and stop supporting the horrifically parasitic welfare state known as the United States Federal Government. The choice is yours, you still have time to opt out but maybe not for long.

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