New Hashtag Idea: #ICBINTO (I can’t believe it’s not The Onion)

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Everyday when I open up one of my favorite news sources I become more and more appalled by the liberal dreck, feminists, religious nonsense, the ludicrous, relatively new idea that gender is now a choice (all 58 of them) and whatever other bullshit du jour the mentally ill “journalists” that pervade the mainstream media are pushing. What I read frequently makes me question the sanity of what must be nearing, if not surpassing, a majority of the population living in the western world.

At first the loons trying to hijack western culture used to infuriate me. I wanted to nothing more than to hurl invectives and vitriol at them, but eventually I began to realize, this doesn’t really bother them. In fact, the canker blossoms that dream this shit up want nothing more than to receive negative attention because it allows them to support their twisted world views via dismissal of valid critics as racists, homophobes, bigots, “transphobes”, fat shamers, body shamers or whatever other claptrap terminology they’ve dreamed up this week. They thrive on negative attention, they bask in it.

On the other hand nothing seems to piss off social justice warriors more than calmly, quickly and quietly dismissing their child like temper tantrums as the inanity that it is. It does not seem long ago that satirical publications, such as The Onion, were the primary if not sole source of such absurdities but nowadays I find myself wondering multiple times per day,

Is this shit for real? Surely they must jest?

In light of this recognition I would like to make a proposal: If you are one of the remaining few who still believe in basic concepts like freedom of speech, freedom of association, private property and self-ownership (or self-sovereignty) let’s band together and make a concerted effort to dismiss more of these rantings with a a gentle shake of our heads and a lighthearted chuckle rather a serious response of any kind at all. I don’t deny the need to counter some of these deranged ramblings, propaganda and disinformation but the volumes have become far too great to address all of them individually even if anyone so desired. What better way to dismiss this nonsense than to label it nothing more than a satirical joke?

Please join me in using the hastag #ICBINTO (“I can’t believe it’s not The Onion”) to label more of whatever offends your basic human sensibilities on your favorite social media channel(s). Let’s see if we can’t possibly drown out some of this shit storm with laughter and ridicule rather than thoughtful analysis and hateful insults.

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