Liberland, a single dude’s dream come true or just too good to be true?

Liberland FlagFor those that haven’t yet heard the news, some Czech dude named Vít Jedlička has made the incredibly ballsy move of declaring his own new country, the Free Republic of Liberland (“Liberland”), in a disputed territory between Serbia and Croatia. You can read all about it at but it sounds like a libertarian single dude’s dream come true. Optional taxes, no military, a constitution based on libertarian principals and a location in the heart of Eastern Europe. What’s not to like? They even have a hot chick on the home page!

Liberland Homepage

This is definitely going to be one to keep a close eye on along with the e-Residency program in Estonia. I hate to be a pessimist, but I think the chances are pretty high that the evil fucks running the big western governments will try to put the kibosh on this fledgling upstart nation. It’s just too good an opportunity for people to escape the tax slavery of the US and Western Europe. The parasite class in the west cannot allow this to happen in any significant amounts or their gigantic Ponzi scheme will collapse in short order.

Parasite Class Postergirl: Hillary Rodham Clinton

Parasite Class Postergirl: Hillary Rodham Clinton

Setting aside for the moment the possibility of Liberland being stamped out of existence by the western elites, let’s day dream a bit and assume that Liberland will be a smashing success and that we can become citizens. At Single Dude Travel we promote the idea that true location independence is the best lifestyle to adopt. It not only does it allow the Single Dude maximum freedom and opportunity to carve out exactly the kind of life he wants to live but in today’s uncertain world rife with oppressive governments, collapsing empires and geopolitical turmoil that only seems to get worse and worse by the day it provides safety. You never know when you will need to move one mile or a thousand. For these reasons we believe it is imperative for the Single Dude to stay mobile and to avoid collecting excessive amounts of needless possessions or any other ties to a particular location.

All of that said, it’s an unfortunate reality of today’s world that life can be very inconvenient if you don’t have some kind of home base in the form of citizenship somewhere. Without it it’s very difficult to travel, bank, do business, obtain officially recognized identification, own property and sign official documents to name just a few things. Estonia’s e-Residency program sounds like it may solve some of those problems but not all of them. Unless you’re willing to go stateless like this dude, you need a citizenship somewhere.

We’re definitely rooting for Liberland’s success and we want to be first in line for Liberlandian citizenship. Just in case this happens, you may want to get in line too.

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