Let’s all support Protein World!

Protein World Beach Body Ready CampaignIt’s official, fitness, health and beauty shaming is now a thing. How dare a company that sells fitness supplements use images of fit, healthy, attractive women to promote their products? That’s not fair to all the fat chicks and it makes them feel bad!

I have news for all the whiny, bitchy fat chicks and feminists social justice warriors that are petitioning to get Protein World’s advertisements taken down: They don’t give a shit about your opinion and you are not in their target market. Fat out of shape chicks that think they are just fine the way they are don’t buy these kinds of products! Plus, all the noise you are making creates more exposure for their ad campaign.

The sane among us that still value health and fitness don’t care about your feelings and don’t care what you think. Not to mention, growing numbers of us admire a company and its executives that have the balls to stand up to the liberal thought police that are so pervasive throughout the west these days. I will now happily go out of my way to spend my money at Protein World in the future. I even started a petition to counter the one demanding that these ads are removed, let’s let Protein World know that some of us still value healthy, beauty and fitness and that it is OK to openly promote those things. You really have my support for standing up to these bitches and putting them in their place. Serious, bonus points for fighting back on social media!

Protein World says it like it is
Protein World puts feminists in their place
Protein World's CEO shutting down a liberal crybaby

I suppose that feminists would prefer this version of the ad?

Feminist-friendly Beach Body Ready Protein World ad.

Feminist-friendly Beach Body Ready Protein World ad.

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