Hey webmaster dudes, are you ready for Google’s massive mobile-friendly update tomorrow?

Google Mobile-Friendly UpdateIf you haven’t heard about Google’s massive mobile-friendly update by now you’re probably a little late to the party and you may be wondering why I’m even bothering to mention it at so late a date. It turns out you’re not completely out of luck if your site is running WordPress, there are a couple of quick fix options that may be able to fix up your site to be mobile-friendly in just a couple of minutes.

First thing’s first though, go to Google’s mobile-friendly page test and see if your site passes, if it does you’re all set. If not here are some quick fix options for you:

  1. Install the WP Touch WordPress Plugin. WP Touch has a guide to making your website mobile-friendly here.
  2. Install the mobile plugin included with WordPress.com’s Jetpack plugin.
  3. Change your theme to one that’s fully responsive. There are ten’s of thousands of options both free and paid Keep in mind that changing your theme might require some work to get everything to work correctly while the plugins are much more likely to be at least passable without any modifications.

Get busy, you’ve got 24 hours! Also, don’t forget to optimize your site for speed, this will also help improve your Google ranking. Good luck!

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