Amsterdam Revisited

Amsterdam Red Light DistrictIt’s been a while since we published the original Single Dude’s Guide to Amsterdam so we thought a revisit to this top notch destination was long overdue.

First and foremost I’m pleased to report that this nonsense about banning coffee shops to tourists seems to have fizzled out completely. Thank Him and His Noodly Appendage for that! Weed is still available and plentiful in coffee shops everywhere. It seems magic mushrooms were banned at some point but equally effective magic “truffles” are available in smart shops and they actually don’t even taste as terrible as the shrooms. Other drugs are available illegally but strongly advised against. It seems that recently some tourists were sold white heroine as cocaine and a few of them died. Stick to the weed, shrooms and booze and you should be fine.

With the obligatory update on the drug situation out of the way I have to say that Amsterdam is a remarkably affordable destination by western European standards. Due to the recent dramatic strengthening of the dollar against the Euro, if you’re spending dollars you may even consider Amsterdam down right cheap for a major western European city. You will find meals out are easy to come by for 10 EUR or less, beer is plentiful for 4-5 EUR, enough weed to make you high as a kite for 10 EUR and enough magic truffles for a mega trip for around 30 EUR. Amsterdam is a city where it really pays to Airbnb it. There are many options available all over the city ranging from basic bachelor pads to posh luxury apartments and even house boats. For around $100 USD you can find a nice two bedroom apartment on Airbnb which is perfect for two dudes or two couples. And of course having an apartment will allow you to save on meals if your budget is tight or maybe you just want to cook to bang. Just be sure to pick a place that has a good rating and check out our tips on not getting ripped off on Airbnb. To top it all off Amsterdam has very competitively priced UberPOP and Uber Black which can actually cost you around the same or even less than public transport tickets if you’re rolling with 3-5 people, depending of course on how far you’re going.

Every time I visit I am always impressed on how clean, beautiful and well organized Amsterdam is. It’s also a very walkable city which is always nice. The Dutch people are fantastic, they really seem to take pride in everything they do and service is almost universally excellent. Eating out is a joy but so is eating in because the city is filled with fantastic grocery stores full of high quality, fresh and frequently organic products. I guess it makes sense that a city full of stoners would have top notch food. As far as the restaurant scene goes you can find all kinds of different cuisines and everything from fast food to high end restaurants with Michelin stars. If you’ve got the cash and you want to do something special, visit Da Kas. Da Kas is located in the middle of a park inside an old green house where part of it is still used to grow some of the food on the menu. It’s worth noting that Da Kas is vegetarian friendly also. If that’s not your cup of tea and you want something more trendy and central check out MOMO. Otherwise, those that are on a budget will find plenty of options all over town, especially in and around the red light district, on the Leidseplein and Haarlem to name just a few good restaurant neighborhoods.

As far as the party is concerned, you can just refer back to our original guide but chances are you’re not going to have any trouble finding a party in Amsterdam. As Yakov Smirnoff might say, “In Amsterdam, party find you!”. Between a stronger dollar and the P2P revolution with companies like Uber and Airbnb bringing prices down Amsterdam is basically on sale right now. Go now!

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