Top 10 life and travel tips for The Single Dude

Top 10 Single Dude Life and Travel Tips

Now that we have a library full of helpful travel tips, destination guides, travel stories and more that’s nearly 300 articles strong we thought it was about time to list our top 10 tips for The Single Dude. This is just a brief summary, be sure to follow the links to get all the details on how best to make these tips work for you.

  1. Escape the corporate prison. Let’s face it, you aren’t free, you can’t travel and you can’t enjoy life if you’re chained to a cubical inside some corporate prison. You’ve got to escape!
  2. Move abroad. The US and many other western countries offer a very poor value proposition for The Single Dude. The taxes, the women, the pussy pansy liberal political correctness bullshit and the cost of living are all horrendous. Move to Thailand, Eastern Europe, Mexico, Central America or somewhere else that offers hotter, nicer chicks and more bang for your buck. Or you could just be location independent person (LIP) and remain a permanent traveler.
  3. Wherever possible, get an apartment not a hotel. The benefits of renting an apartment rather than a hotel when you travel are almost endless. The most obvious benefits are: more space, a kitchen (eat healthy, save money and cook to bang), less expensive especially if you’re traveling with your team and the landlords and agents of short term apartments tend to be “door openers” in cool Single Dude destinations. Now days be sure to comparison shop between Airbnb and local independent sites. Airbnb is great but they charge obscene fees for being what amounts to a glorified Craig’s list. They also make it far too easy and convenient for the landlords to lock you down on large security deposits, unnecessary cleaning fees, extra per person charges and even some times nickle and dime crap like linens – we don’t remember paying for any of that shit when we booked places without a middle man like Airbnb. Once they even tried to tack on a extra bullshit fee for heat.
  4. Travel with your team! Traveling with a good team is more successful, more fun, cheaper and safer. Always embrace and respect the concept of The Team and don’t forget to be your Teammates’ biggest fan.
  5. Cook to bang! It’s cheaper, healthier and helps you get laid more easily; what could be better? I know in many destinations even eating out costs a pittance but the second two points are big ones. It’s a lot easier to take a chick to the bedroom when it’s five meters away rather than across town.
  6. Take care of your health. This means mind, brain, body and nutrition. Your brain is not going to be at its best unless you feed it the right foods, exercise it as if it’s a muscle and keep your body in peak phsyical condition. This also means buying high quality food, doing yoga, meditating and hitting the gym. It’s easy to neglect when you’re in party mode and surrounded by hot chicks that will bang you even if you’re fat and ugly but it’s one of the most important things to keep your focus on.
  7. Be nice, nice guys finish first! At least they do outside of fucked up western culture with its fat, bitchy, feminist, entitled western women and it’s PUA douchebags. You don’t need that shit, just be cool, friendly, confident and nice; good things will happen.
  8. Travel light but bring the right equipment. You trip will be more fun and more successful if you have the right tools with you but remember to pack light. Tim Ferris is level Jedi Ninja at packing light, check out his guide too.
  9. Learn the basics of the local language. Few things will ensure your success better than taking time to just learn the basic pleasantries especially if the language is obscure and not widely spoken. If you’re going somewhere where they use the Cyrillic alphabet, learn that too, it’s easy.
  10. Make friends with “door openers”. Go out of your way to befriend people that can do shit for you, your trip will be far more successful if you do. Sometimes this involves a well placed tip or even a bribe; don’t worry in the rest of the world bribes are not just for politicians like in the US.

    Because we love our readers so much and because we like to turn it up to 11 over here at Single Dude Travel here’s a bonus tip:

  11. Seek out fun and interesting ways to make a little extra money abroad. What’s better than having a little side adventure while getting paid for it?

Rock on dudes!

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