Has “Fat Acceptance” now become “Fat Encouragement”?

We’ve discussed the obesity epidemic in the US and the western world in general over, and over, and over, and over. It seems like it just keeps getting worse and worse. We used to question “Fat Acceptance” but now I can’t help but wonder aloud, is “Fat Encouragement” the new movement in the west? Is this really the way we want to encourage future generations to live their lives?

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), United States has already rocketed past an obesity rate of one third of the population with an overall obesity rate of 34.9% (or 78.6 million) adults. For statistics geeks here’s a pdf with more detail and for the rest of us here is a map of US obesity rates by state as of 2013:

US Obesity Rates by State 2013

US Obesity Rates by State 2013

I won’t bore you with all the details for other countries individually but I’m sure that if you do your own home work you will find many other western countries like the UK, Germany and Spain to name a few have similar obesity rates that are only getting worse. The overall data from the World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that more than 50% of adults in the “European Region” were overweight or obese as of 2008; for sure it’s much worse now.

This is no longer a laughing matter, this is a world wide health epidemic of monumental proportions. Its causes are clear, the sedentary lifestyle of modern man greatly, greatly exacerbated by the poison factory farmed garbage food that makes up such a large proportion of the modern, western human’s diet. But what are we doing about it? Are we trying to attack this problem and reduce obesity? No, of course not. Instead we are starting movements for “fat acceptance” and being told “everybody is different but beautiful in their own way” even if their “own way” is morbidly obese! I mean look at this chick, this is size 22 mega plus-sized model, Tess Holliday.

Super Plus-sized Model Tess Holliday

Let’s be clear here, there is a huge healthy middle ground between anorexic thin and fat, let alone obesity and morbid obesity. And by the way, why in today’s society is morbid obesity more acceptable than morbid anorexia? Aren’t they both dangerous, life-threatening medical conditions that should be treated accordingly?!?

Anna Nicole Smith, one hot tamale in her heyday

Anna Nicole Smith, one hot tamale in her heyday

Anna Nicole Smith, Marilyn Monroe: these are beautiful, voluptuous, curvy and yet still healthy weight girls. Size 22 on the other hand is a medical problem and there is no debate to be had on that issue among reasonable people. Why would our society want to promote this as something that is not only acceptable but beautiful, or even desirable? To stand up and say that this is not a desirable condition is not the same as poking fun at someone with a birth defect despite what liberals and feminists would like you to believe. People develop this condition as a result of an unhealthy diet and/or an unhealthy lifestyle. It’s that simple. Only in today’s backwards, morally bankrupt, politically correct, “everybody is equal”, feminist, socialist, twilight-zone world can a health blog promote the signing of a morbidly obese model with a “major agency” as “great news”. Hell maybe, Tess Holliday is a good person with great talents and capabilities. Maybe she is an exceptional writer, a talented artist or skilled and accomplished musician, there would be nothing wrong with congratulating and honoring her on that. But to promote her as an example of health and beauty cannot be described as anything but completely insane.

This isn’t an isolated example either. This seems to be the new trend, we’re all fat, unhealthy and lazy so let’s just start brainwashing the populace to accept this as the new normal. Why bother to do anything about it when we can just propagandize this as the new normal so much more easily than actually fixing the problem.

Not to be left out of all the chubby, fat rolling fun, Sports Illustrated is featuring the extremely ample model Ashley Graham in their infamous Swimsuit issue. To be fair Ashley Graham is not a size 22 and maybe she doesn’t quite meet the official definition of obesity yet but she’s certainly well on her way. I mean look at those thunder thighs. Look at all that cellulite. And all of this is after a professional photographer and Photoshop retoucher have had their way with her. She’s not Tess Holiday but she’s still pretty massive. Certainly not example of optimal or even great health and this is in a freaking magazine about sports. With this kind of logic should little skinny guys be able to compete in the Mr Universe competition? I mean it’s only fair right, they’re people too. If models don’t have to be fit, healthy and attractive anymore why should men have to have muscles to compete in body building competitions? Maybe people that run a 20 second 100-yard dash should be allowed to be running backs in the NFL, it’s only fair. Maybe retarded people should be allowed to join Mensa too, why not?

Ashley Graham's Thunder Thighs

Ashley Graham: thunder thighs and cellulite

Sport's Illustrated Swimsuit Spread with Ashely Graham

This is not a representation of optimal health and fitness

Victoria’s secret will likely be the next domino to fall. The shrill war cry of the west’s gargantuan, self-absorbed and self-entitled women is already deafening and now they have Victoria’s Secret in their cross-hairs. They demand that Victoria’s Secret design, manufacturer and stock even larger sizes seemingly oblivious to the fact that they already stock Extra Large sizes (XL) equivalent to size 16 with bra cup sizes as large as DDD also available. You see, in today’s world, the new normal is that it is every western woman’s god given right to be able to purchase her choice of lingerie styles from a for profit company no matter how obese she is. They also demand that Victoria’s Secret feature models with “more diverse body types” in their advertising campaigns and fashion shows. I will not be surprised to see Victoria’s Secret succumbing to these demands sometime very soon. I hate to admit it but it’s just good business, in fact they probably not only need to start producing ever larger sizes but they probably should plan to scale back production of the normal sizes. If the obesity trend continues it can’t be more than five to ten years before the majority of western women are obese. The numbers don’t lie. Not only that but Victoria’s Secret must know that they must always listen to and deliver upon the demands of liberals, leftist and feminists lest their executives be exiled from their own company like Brenden Eich who dared to oppose gay marriage in 2008 with a $1,000 private donation of his own money six years earlier.

Sidenote: We don’t agree with opposing gay marriage but more importantly we don’t agree that any government anywhere should be in the “marriage business” at all. Libertarian is the only morally correct political ideology, people should be free to do what they want as long as it doesn’t impose upon the rights of others. We do however support everyone’s right to free speech and right to spend their own money as they see fit, including making donations to retarded religious political organizations.

For sure the obesity issue is just one of hundreds or even thousands where the scumbag liberal, feminazi lunatics that have hijacked mainstream discourse will tell you that up is down, left is right and two plus two equals five. Those of us that are still normal, thinking, sane individuals have a duty to stand up and scream bullshit at the top of our lungs. We cannot allow this kind of insanity to continue, not with health, not with politics, not with economics and not with our freedom. We should all take advantage of the internet and ensure that our voices are heard. We can not allow these insane lunatics to continue to control the vast majority of the flow of information any longer.

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