Cody Wilson: Great American Hero of a Generation

Cody Wilson: Great American Hero

Cody Wilson: a name every red blooded, freedom loving citizen, not just of America but of the World, ought to know. Before the age of 30 this man has done more for freedom and the libertarian movement than anyone I can think of and it would appear he’s just getting started. He is a true hero of his generation. Defense Distributed, Dark Wallet (to be fair, Cody is a co-founder and there are many others involved) and are all projects that freedom lovers the world over should familiarize themselves with and support.

Let’s take a brief look at what these projects are and why they are important:


What is it: A 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation incorporated in the state of Texas. According to their website their purpose is to:

“To defend the human and civil right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the United States Constitution and affirmed by the United States Supreme Court; to collaboratively produce, publish, and distribute to the public without charge information and knowledge related to the digital manufacture of arms.”

Defense distributed is exclusively donor-funded through individual donors. In less than 3 years, Defense Distributed, founded in the summer of 2012, has given the world the following:

The Liberator: Via Wiki Weapon (aka WikiWep), Defense Distributed released the first widely available, open source fully 3D printable gun. Check it out:

AR-15 Lower Receiver Open Source Plans: In conjunction with the “Ghost Gunner” project described below, Defense Distributed is creating open source plans for an AR-15 lower receiver. Although this is just one part of the gun it is special and unique in that it is the part of the gun that normally bears the serial number and as such, from a legal and regulatory standpoint, it is “the gun” while the rest of the parts such as the barrel, grip, sights, etc. are merely “gun parts”. Additionally, in many jurisdictions it is currently legal for private individuals (per US Federal law Title 18) to manufacturer semi-automatic firearms including the AR-15 lower receiver and under these circumstances do not require serialization or other maker’s marks. To dumb this down one more step for you, what this means is if you have an AR-15 lower receiver in your possession, you can buy the rest of the parts to assemble a fully functional AR-15 rifle online without licenses, permits, waiting periods or any other nonsense.

Ghost Gunner AR-15 Lower Receiver

Ghost Gunner Manufactured AR-15 Lower Receiver

The Ghost Gunner: A miniature CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine designed to automatically manufacture open source products without requiring any knowledge or experience with CNC machines. Ghost Gunner is about more than just guns. Although the aforementioned AR-15 lower receiver was the first design from Defense Distributed for The Ghost Gunner, The Ghost Gunner is capable of manufacturing any aluminum part that can be designed to fit within its build envelope. Pretty remarkable and as soon as they make more you should be able to purchase one for less than $1,500 USD.

Why Defense Distributed is important: Unless you’ve been living under a rock your entire life you should have noticed that whiny, statist liberal pussies and the power elite are attempting to rob everyone else of their basic human right to self-defense via coercion and the threat of violence.

Defense Distributed gives them all a great big giant middle finger in a way that nobody else has been able to achieve to date. You see if we can all simply download some files from the Pirate Bay and print out our own defense weapons at home then all their disingenuous “protect the children” gun control laws become virtually meaningless. What an amazing concept!


What is it: Dark Wallet is many things but most importantly it will provide privacy and anonymity. Regardless of what you may have heard about Bitcoin (particularly from the retarded mainstream media), it is not anonymous and is in fact highly traceable unless you are extremely technically savvy and take a slew of precautions. Even then you might still end up like Ross Ulbricht.

Why Dark Wallet is important: Again, unless you’ve been living under a rock you must have noticed that statist scumbags, politicians and bankers are working day and night to trace, control, regulate and tax bitcoins. There is no point in using bitcoins if you’re going to get fucked the same way you do on your ponzi scheme fiat currency. Your money is your property, it’s your business and it’s yours to spend as you please and that includes anonymously; at least that’s the way it should be and that is the way it would be a free society.

disband it

What is disband it: Cody is at again doing us all a public service. He is currently running for a position on the board of The Bitcoin Foundation with the expressed intetion of disbanding it. While the foundation’s stated purpose is to “fund development of Bitcoin Core and create new avenues for people to participate in the bitcoin project” the reality is anything but.

Why is important: If this organization was ever true to its stated goals it must have been a long time ago as it has long since been co-opted by corporate swine, lawyers, bankers and finance industry scum, and general ass lickers of the elite and political classes. You see these scumbags have their all noses thoroughly inserted into the rectum of the existing establishment and if they get their way bitcoin will be no better than the Ponzi state-issued fiat toilet paper you carry in your wallet now. Cody details it all far more eloquently than I can.

In conclusion, I would like to appeal to our readers to stand up, salute, recognize and thank this man for his contributions to freedom and for the future work he has yet to do. The world would truly be a better place with more people like him in it. My sincerest thanks to you, Cody Wilson.

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