SDT Travel Advisory: Don’t get ripped off on travel visa scams for Argentina or other countries

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Sorry for the long hiatus. We are going to be back with new material soon. In the mean time, we have a Single Dude Travel Tip for you that can save you some of your hard earned money. The specific example I have is from Argentina but I’m sure there are similar scams going on for many other countries. The thing with Argentina is that if you are a US Citizen you have to pay $160 to their scumbag government (officially called the “Argentina Reciprocity Fee”), but at least it’s good for 10 years. They have a website where you can do it all online with a credit card so at least it’s easy. Here’s the problem, like anything done by a government, Argentina’s travel visa website is super shitty and it has super shitty SEO. When you Google “Argentine Visa” or something like that instead of getting the website you’re looking for as a top result you get all these scam artist websites that offer to get the visa for you. The thing is these bottom feeding, cock sucking opportunists are doing absolutely nothing for you other than screwing you out of additional money. It’s just as easy to type your info and credit card into the Argentine government’s website as it is to any of these other scam sites. It’s absolutely appalling.

Argentine Visa Scam at

So make sure you don’t use any of the top results on Google, and do use the correct Argentine government website located at I’m sure, and other similar sites have lots of scams not just for Argentina but other countries as well. The jerkoffs at overcharge you by $39 while the asshats at screw you out of $49. That’s not to say there aren’t some countries where you need to go through some kind of agent to get an invitation letter such as Russia and Vietnam, just make sure you do your homework and don’t get ripped off. Also be sure to check out our travel guides for Buenos Aires.

Argentina Visa Scams on Google

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